WWE Reportedly Considering Dropping Brand-Split Following SmackDown LIVE’s Move To FOX Next Year

As you probably know, WWE recently signed a massive five year $1 Billion television deal with FOX which will see SmackDown LIVE move to Friday nights on FOX’s main network beginning in October of 2019.

With the news of the move to FOX, there has also been talk of the network wanting other WWE programs to fill slots on other FOX Networks such as FS1 & FS2, and that NXT’s weekly TV program is a potential candidate to find a new home on FS1.

Last night on Barn Burner’s No Holds Barred podcast, I joined Joseph Peisich and Brad Shepard for our post RAW episode. During the show we discussed the upcoming move to FOX next year for SmackDown LIVE. During the conversation host Joseph Peisich reported that he has heard rumors that upon the move to FOX, that the company may no longer make Superstars brand exclusive. Meaning, all WWE Superstars would be on hand and available for both RAW and SmackDown LIVE.

Regarding a potential end to the brand split, Peisich said:

“The TV networks want programming. They want programming from WWE. They want programming from all of this. So they got SmackDown. WWE’s going to have a re-draft and push all the main stars on SmackDown. In fact, I’ve heard there may not be a Raw/SmackDown all the guys who are in WWE show up for Raw, for SmackDown — forget about a brand split or whatever.”

“I’m not saying the brand split is going to stop, but I heard that.. There’s a million rumors you hear a day, especially with wrestling. But Fox wants content.”

You can listen to the entire episode of the No Holds Barred podcast featuring myself as a co-host embedded in the audio below.

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(H/T our friends at Ringsidenews.com for the transcriptions.)