Aiden English Unveils ”Director’s Cut” Of ”One Night In Milwaukee”

Last week, Aiden English showed to the world in his ”One Night In Milwaukee” video, apparent proof of Lana being unfaithful. It saw the video cut when Lana said ”I want you” to Aiden. But this week, Aiden showed more of the video. It showed Lana thanking Aiden for everything he’s done for Rusev’s career. Bu then English started touching Lana’s arm in the video and suddenly it froze.

Aiden said “we all know what happens next” but he promised to destroy the video if Rusev would “kick Lana to the curb and reunite Rusev Day.” But unfortunately for him, Lana and Rusev had gotten hold of the video by hacking Aiden. They played the whole video which included an ending this time where Lana shot down Aiden’s advances and quickly left.

Aiden was astonished and embarrassed at his secret being revealed and him no longer having any leverage on Rusev. He was then chased off by Rusev to end the segment.

It seems they will have a match that will end this story, whenever that will be.

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