Daniel Bryan Reportedly Rejects Contract Offer During 3 Hour Meeting With Vince McMahon Before SummerSlam

As we saw last night at SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan highly anticipated and long awaited grudge match with The Miz. The Miz was victorious after some help from his wife Maryse, who slipped him a pair of brass knuckles.

As has been reported for months, Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract is said to expire on September 1st. With not much time left before he becomes a free agent, WWE Officials have been trying to figure out what to do about the situation. Prior to Sunday’s SummerSlam PPV, it had been reported that Vince McMahon had multiple huge meetings planned during the day. One of those meetings was apparently with Daniel Bryan.

The meeting reportedly lasted almost three hours. It was said that Daniel Bryan was offered another new contract, and both sides were unable to come to terms on a new agreement as Bryan did not re-sign with the company.

On the latest episode of Barn Burner’s No Holds Barred podcast, Joseph Peisich revealed some details about what is going on with Daniel Bryan’s current contract, and the meeting he had with Vince McMahon on Sunday.

Regarding Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract status, and backstage meeting with Vince McMahon before Summerslam, Peisich said:

“Vince McMahon had a 3-hour meeting, well 2 hours 46 minutes to be exact with Daniel Bryan. They did offer him a contract… he did not sign. You know what that means? He’s gonna lose to The Miz!”

“Again, I’m not saying he’s not gonna sign. WWE presents you with these contracts and they want you to sign immediately. The same thing they did with Dolph Ziggler today and Dolph Ziggler has been wrestling for months on a ‘deal.’ I don’t know if it’s a per-night deal but whatever.:”

“Daniel Bryan was offered a contract and he did not sign.”

Again WWE has roughly 11 days left to come to terms on a new deal with Daniel Bryan before his current contract expires. However, even if Bryan chooses not to re-sign with WWE, that does not mean that he would be available for ALL IN on September 1st, which happens to be when his current deal is up.

You can listen to the entire episode of No Holds Barred below.

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(H/T our friends at Ringsidenews.com for the transcriptions.)