When Will Nikki Cross, Cross Over?

This past Wednesday night on NXT, Nikki Cross competed in a triple threat match that would determine who would go on to face the current woman’s NXT champion Shayna Baszler for the championship at Takeover. The winner was in fact, not Nikki Cross, but Kairi Sane. This begged the question though, what is WWE going to do with Nikki Cross now?

Insane for sAnity?

The rumor mill has been buzzing for quite some time about when Nikki Cross might move on from NXT and join sAnity on Smackdown Live. I have been wondering the same thing. It is obvious to all that she deserves to move up based on talent alone but what better way to bring her up to Smackdown Live than by having her join sAnity? Her characters personality clearly fits right beside the characters that make up team sAnity. Arguably, by bringing her character into the team, there could be more story progression for sAnity. Right now, they don’t have much in terms of story, they barely have anything, but by bringing on such a strong persona there are several stories ideas that could be pitched to bring sAnity into the spotlight more.

When to Do It?

Sure, fans would all love for this to happen, Twitter is buzzing about this subject constantly when Nikki Cross is the topic of conversation, but when should WWE do it? When would be the right time for her to move up? The answer that most fans have been giving is as soon as possible, which makes sense. It does not look like Nikki Cross will be given the opportunity to go after the championship on NXT anytime soon, after the events of Wednesday night. Some fans have brought up the idea of Nikki Cross moving up after the Takeover event before SummerSlam. This also makes sense, it would give creative the right amount of time to wrap up her story at NXT and start a new one.

If Not Now, When?

If WWE doesn’t move Nikki Cross from NXT up to Smackdown Live with sANity soon, the real question to be asked is, what happens then? Fans are right on the money, this would be the perfect transition for her but if WWE doesn’t move on it soon, the moment is going to be pass Nikki Cross by.  At the end of the day though, there is so many talented athletes on the NXT roster, and it would be a shame to see any of it get glossed over, especially one like Nikki who has the perfect setup.

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