Did Larry Dallas open up a Pandora’s Box?

In the latest saga involving Michael Elgin, Moses Malone, and the wrestling world, a few days ago she revealed that she had gone to court as part of the first court date of her vs Elgin.

With that as you see in the tweets below she revealed she has to get a lawyer which she at first thought she may not have to get one. She had flat out said in the past she can not afford one, so in order to afford the starting cost she started a GoFundMe which is gaining momentum and has her closer to her goal. When she originally announced it Larry Dallas former manager of the WWN family of networks, Busted Open Radio Co-Host and now current host of the flagship MLW Radio network. He is known for his very opinionated takes, as you can also see below in the tweets he thinks she is creating drama and trying to ruin people’s careers and livelihoods.

My Take: This is a very difficult situation that should be handled with care and hopefully with all of this dirty laundry being put out in the open we will see more care taken in seeing everyone’s viewpoints out in the open and having a honest discussion. I will keep everyone updated on what happens from now on. When MLW releases their decision if they ever do, I will update my readers as this saga keeps ongoing.

Update: Larry Dallas in a tweet released Saturday evening said that he and MLW have parted ways and he will potentially be retiring his ring persona Larry Dallas:



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