2022: The Year of Chris Jericho

As we approach the end of 2022, the conversation of wrestler of the year (WOTY) debate starts showing up everywhere. There's a lot of wrestlers that have strong cases for WOTY and Chris Jericho is absolutely one of them, and you could even

Jumping Between Promotions

A thing wrestling fans are not used to for the longest time is wrestlers jumping between promotions. The jump between promotions was a practice that was very common in wrestling for a long time, and with the Attitude Era as the best

The Downfall of CYN

Pro-wrestling is a niche product, and with the popularity of the sport going up and down these recent years. Control Your Narrative was the latest attempt, if you can call it that, for a competitor to the big promotions in the U.S. and the

A New Reign of Terror

WWE is currently facing a new reign of terror under Roman Reigns as both the WWE and universal champion. WWE has done everything to put Roman strong above any other wrestler the company has, and WWE are starting to see the consequences of


In the recent events regarding my latest editorial and the feedback I received about it, I would like to apologize to any wrestling media members that felt offended by the editorial I wrote. As a member of wrestling media, I feel it's

Drama, Egos & AEW

Pro-wrestling is the weirdest sport or form of entertainment in the world, for better and worse. Drama is and will also be present backstage in pro-wrestling. Egos, incidents and drama are key to pro-wrestling as much as the moves and

The Importance of a Main Event

The most important match in any PPV or wrestling show is the main event, this is common knowledge to every wrestling fan, as well as any wrestler or promoter. A bad main event can destroy a good PPV and this is what happened last Friday at