WWE & Forbidden Doors

With Shinsuke Nakamura wrestling on NOAH and Karl Anderson as NEVER Openweight champion and the possibility of him wrestling for NJPW shows; It all looks like WWE could be interested in opening forbidden doors with other promotions.

Young Lions in Current NJPW

Young Lions are wrestlers trained under the NJPW system. NJPW without question has the best dojo (wrestling school) in the world, if you look at the number of names that came through their system like: Jushin Thunder Liger, Hiroshi

The Honeymoon Period is Over

A honeymoon period is a period of time when everything looks good, but with some flaws that can be ignored for the sake of being fair and because of the short time a promotion or new booker has been established. Every wrestling promotion

CM Punk’s Run in AEW

With the most likely scenario being AEW buying out CM Punk's contract, this is the perfect time to remember CM Punk's run in AEW, but most importantly, the impact he had with the promotion during his time there. His debut was booked to

Penta & Fenix in AEW

The Lucha Bros. are one of the best tag teams of the world and one of the most over acts that AEW has to offer, and yet, both wrestlers are far from the singles scene; and let alone the world title scene and they should be there. Most fans

Triple H & Returns

The main roster has changed since Paul Levesque took control of creative. Matches are longer than before, wrestlers are leaving behind dumb gimmicks or names Vince McMahon gave them, but the most noticeable change of them is the amount of

The Fiend’s Return

The worst kept secret is finally out, The Fiend has return to WWE after being away for almost a year. The Fiend got a huge pop in his return on Extreme Rules, but reactions to him on social media were mixed by fans. The return of The Fiend

The Two Deaths of WCW

The death of WCW is one of the biggest events in wrestling history and will always be talked about because of the aftermath of it all and basically leading to WWE's monopoly. The death WCW has an interesting debate in it, two schools of

Dethroning Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns' long reign as world champion has had both positive and negative things to it like most world title reign. One of the most debated things regarding his reign is who will be the wrestler that will eventually dethrone him, and