Editorial: NBAEW

One of the major qualities The Elite (Kenny Omega, Nick & Matt Jackson) has is that they always listen and pay attention to what fans say; because of this they were able to gather major success and lead to the creation of AEW. Social media has been a powerful ally for them and will continue to be for the rest of their career.

Ever since the best of seven series between The Elite and Death Triangle was announced, wrestling fans noticed the parallels of those in series has with playoff series we normally see in the NBA, and the NBAEW memes were born. Fans of both NBA and AEW started creating some interesting content on social media and having a life of its own.

The NBAEW content exploded and more and more content with the brand of NBAEW has appeared related to the best of seven series between The Elite and Death Triangle. One of the biggest memes made so far by NBAEW has regarding Matt Jackson’s legacy being on the line, a very common line said by NBA pundits during playoff series. It was just a matter of time until The Elite would notice and they did, first on Twitter and later on BTE with a bit parodying talk sport shows like Undisputed.

NBAEW is just another example of The Elite being aware of what fans say about them, positive or negative, and using in their favor. Wrestlers nowadays are starting to do this, but the first to do it right and gain major success with it are The Elite. The match between TE-DT is clearly taking parallels of those of NBA series, with the most likely template being that of the 2016 finals between The Golden State Warriors and the Cleaveland Cavaliers.

Something quite interesting regarding the NBAEW tweets is the amount of crossover both sports have with each other. AEW should pay close attention to this because there’s some money to be made with a crossover like this. AEW is no stranger working with NBA talent, Shaq had a match on Dynamite tagging with Jade Cargill and beating Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet. This doesn’t mean that AEW needs to do more of those type of matches, but that an important crossover between NBA and AEW fans exists.

As of for the NBAEW memes, the memes seem to going strong and will continue to do so probably until the end of the series, especially as more people are getting in the trend and are giving their own memes about it.