Match of the Year Candidates of 2022

With 2022 almost coming to an end, the debate of the best wrestlers, matches, promotions and more can begin. One of the biggest subjects to debate will be regarding match of the year, and this year is very open to many, especially considering the amount of awesome wrestling 2022 has had.

The two biggest favorites to take the award are the two matches Kazuchika Okada and Will Ospreay had this, the first one on Wrestle Kingdom and the other on the G1; with both being rated with 5.75 stars by Dave Meltzer and are two of the top-rated matches of 2022 in Cagematch.

Will Ospreay had a fantastic 2022 and he is the favorite to win the wrestler of the year award; besides his two awesome matches with Okada, his matches against Shingo Takagi, Zack Sabre Jr., Tetsuya Naito and Michael Oku are also strong contenders for match of the year and as mentioned before, pretty much give Ospreay a strong case for wrestler of the year. A very good year overall for Will Ospreay and NJPW.

WWE had a pretty good year in terms of matches, with their best match this year being Sheamus vs. Gunther (WALTER) and has a good case for match of the year. Another interesting match from WWE this year that could be a contender for match of the year is Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins.

AEW as usual had some of the best matches American wrestling can offer this year, with a lot of great TV matches like The Young Bucks against The Lucha Brothers being another fantastic match from these two awesome tag teams. Another amazing match that took place in AEW was Anarchy in the arena match between The Jericho Appreciation Society against Moxley, Danielson, Kingston, Ortiz & Santana.

The trilogy of tag team matches between The Briscoe Brother vs. FTR for ROH have been fantastic, with their last bout being the best of the trilogy and a late contender for match of the year and the best match in North America in 2022. Josh Alexander vs. Speedball is yet another match that could be a match of the year contender, but as a Dark horse.

Overall, 2022 had a lot of fantastic wrestling and matches didn’t disappoint. Tell us, which match was your favorite in 2022.