The Future of Sasha Banks

The future of Sasha Banks has been one of the most talked about subjects of 2022, and there’s many reasons to it; from the ramifications she will WWE could bring to all the interesting things Sasha Banks can do outside of the WWE bubble.

Sasha Banks has been preparing for a long time for her departure of WWE for a long time, with one of the biggest hints being she copyrighting the name Mercedes Mone as a new name outside of WWE. Over the years, Mercedes Varnado (Bank’s real-life name) has mentioned multiple time she would love to wrestle in Japan and Mexico; and has been able to train in Japan and Mexico when given the chance and time. Being free of her WWE contract will finally allow Banks to wrestle in Japan and Mexico.

Big reasons Mercedes Varnado is looking outside of WWE he possibility of doing outside projects, something in WWE that is not possible due to they being controlling and wanting all their stars focused in WWE only. Varnado leaving WWE and signing with another promotion will allow Varnado the chance to do outside projects like movies or TV shows.

WWE letting her go would be a major mistake from their part. Letting one of the four horsewomen leave WWE and to join the competition could become of the biggest mistakes in WWE history. , and with Jon Moxley as the best example of this, or even with Hulk Hogan signing with WCW.

It was recently reported that Varnado would be present on next year’s Wrestle Kingdom show; the role she would have in Wrestle Kingdom is yet to be known, but all clues indicate she will be working with NJPW dates. Mercedes Varnado as part of the recently founded NJPW women’s division is a great addition to such a recent project taken by NJPW.

The future of Mercedes Varnado looks to be linked with AEW in more ways than one. While the partnership with NJPW is an easy link to both, there’s the fact that AEW is currently the only promotion out there that can match ant money WWE can offer her, something NJPW can’t afford, but working with AEW changes the story.

STARDOM, the biggest women’s promotion in the world and based in Japan, is another place Varnado can work her craft and with a lot of talented wrestlers on the roster. Since she is already being linked with NJPW, the possibility of seeing Varnado wrestle inside a STARDOM ring is very likely, as the days go by,

Mercedes Varnado is as of this moment the hottest free agent in wrestling, but her path seems to be directed towards AEW and NJPW. Both promotions are about to get one of the best women’s wrestlers the American scene has to offer and she’ll be a major boost to their women’s division respectively.