5 of The Worst Pro-Wrestling Matches of All Time

With the free time we all currently have, we could use this time to watch some of the best matches of all time or even better, watching some of the worst matches of all time for curiosity.

Jenna Morasca vs. Sharmell : TNA Victory Road ’09

Everything about this match was terrible! Jenna Morasco was incredibly bad on this match. The only positive that came out of this match is the “MINUS FIVE STARS!!!” soundclip from Bryan Alvarez review of this match.

Reverse Battle Royal: TNA Bound for Glory ’07

A very stupid idea. The first half of this match is just a disaster, for the rest of the match battle royal it wasn’t that bad. This match was not well thought of and it made the participants of this bout look like idiots.

“Donald Trump” vs. ” Rosie O’Donnell” : RAW January 2007

Two terrible impersonators trying to wrestle. WWE trying to do comedy with current events (at that time) is just one of WWE many flaws, and the worst part they did not learn from this and a few years later we saw Barack Obama face Hilary Clinton in a WWE ring.

Hollywood Hogan vs. The (Ultimate) Warrior : WCW Halloween Havoc ’98

The build to this match was very disappointing, this was a typical Hogan WCW match. The only reason WCW brought Warrior back was so Hogan could have his win back from WrestleMania VI.

Hornswaggle vs. Soaring Eagle : SmackDown December ’10

I have no words to describe how bad this match, it’s one of those things you need to watch to understand how bad it is.