Game Over

The return of Vince McMahon has created a lot of changes in WWE in terms of executive roles inside the company, with the perfect example being the departure of Stephanie McMahon. For many the next person on Vince’s list is his son-in-law, Paul Levesque (Triple H).

After Vince McMahon announced his “retirement” Paul Levesque took over the role of head of creative or I should say booker of WWE’s main roster. These last 7-months on WWE’s main roster were the booking of Levesque, for better and eventually worse.

The best way to describe Paul Levesque’s run as booker of WWE is with the word returns. Levesque made it his mission to re-sign all previously released wrestlers in the last two years, especially those he had a story in NXT. Some were received with a positive reaction and others with s negative one, like Top Dolla. Its no secret that Levesque likes to have a deep roster and that was the reason for so many of the returns seen in WWE these last few months.

Levesque’s approach to the booking of the main roster was conservative, he didn’t take any risks, with the idea of waiting until WrestleMania season to start hot the most important part of the year for WWE. Well… That conservative booking wasn’t the best idea, ratings were down, and it’s just a matter of time until Vince McMahon returns as booker.

Levesque’s run as booker was that of someone afraid of taking chances and playing it safe. Levesque has never been a good week to week booker, and this run as booker of the main roster being another example.

When Vince McMahon returned, he moved very quickly to establish things to his liking and his next goal is to return as booker. When Vince McMahon first returned, Stephanie mentioned that not that many changes would take place, but that quote aged worse than milk. Vince and Levesque are already talking about creative ideas, show how he already has in mind a return on creative.

WrestleMania is basically Vince McMahon’s third child, and the timing for his return as booker could take place by next week, especially with the Royal Rumble just around the corner, and with that being the starting point of the Road to WrestleMania.

Many wonder what will wrestlers do, especially those close to Levesque, and the answer is simple, nothing. They are not going to risk anything, especially if Vince had the mentality of downsizing the roster, again.

For Levesque this is the beginning of the end. For many, including me, thought that Stephanie and Levesque would be the successors of this company and keep it inside the family, but with reports of a sell and the fact Stephanie McMahon left WWE, it all indicates they are not going to inherit anything from him, especially with reports indicating he was not happy with the advice given to him by close people to him that led to his temporary retirement.

Game Over, for the game.