Editorial: Dave Meltzer & Twitter

Dave Meltzer’s name will always be associated to pro-wrestling journalism for a very long time, and rightfully so considering his body of work, but today I want to focus on another aspect regarding Dave Meltzer that I think people overlook with him, and that’s his Twitter game.

If you ever check Dave Meltzer’s old work or you follow the account Meltzer in the 90’s you will realize Dave was made for Twitter, hell I would argue 90’s Dave Meltzer would’ve been a menace to society if he had Twitter during that time, it would’ve been amazing shitposting content, but that’s a different topic. The point is, Dave’s humor and writing were meant for Twitter and we see some of that spark on him on the bird app often.

Dave’s deadpan responses to comedic questions or his snarkier responses make Dave one of the best accounts to follow, well that and the fact Dave is a well of knowledge in terms of pro-wrestling history and that’s always important to learn if you follow the pro-wrestling business; but back to his Twitter game, Dave’s tweets can even come out as even funnier if we put them in context or in comparison to other people’s tweets, especially those of other members of the wrestling media circle.

What makes Dave unique, especially to most wrestling media members is how blunt he is regarding his thoughts on things as matches, news or event certain events. No better example was his tweet regarding the god-awful Orton vs. Edge WrestleMania 36 match; wrestling Twitter destroyed that match while it took place, but the best tweet of the night was Dave’s that was just perfect and fitting to his style of tweeting.

Outside of the comedy aspects of Dave’s twitter game, his tweets have been key for certain events to take place, with no better example is his tweets that basically was the spark that would later become the fire that is All Elite Wrestling nowadays, and changed the pro-wrestling landscape for many years to come, and we are even seeing the effects of this tweet now. Truely, a one-of-a-kind turn of events.

One thing that makes Dave one of the best accounts on Twitter is how unintentionally funny he can be at times, and some of his responses to tweets are just a goldmine of amazing tweets from him, with the best example being the next tweet:

Dave will always be a fascinating figure in wrestling, even outside of his reporting; there’s a reason people create accounts that celebrate his previous work like the account Meltzer in the 90’s or even those parodying him like Future Meltzer. Some of Dave’s best zingers are still found on the WON to this day, but fans will always bring them to Twitter because of how funny they can be or even thought-provoking.

At the end of the day, you’ll like or hate Dave’s Twitter game depending if you like him or not, but one thing is clear, the man knows how to grab the attention of people on Twitter even when he is not trying to be funny. Truely a master of the bird app.