Does AEW Need Women’s Tag Team Championship?

Women’s wrestling in the US has changed a lot since the days of the divas era, and women’s wrestling as a whole being considered the rest point of a show. Women’s wrestling nowadays is considered by most fans on the same level as men’s wrestling. As progress is being made regarding women’s wrestling, promotion have added more championships for them to compete for, like we’ve seen in WWE with their tag team titles for the women’s division, and the subject of this piece in AEW with the TBS title; But many wonder if AEW’s women’s division could use a tag team title.

When talking about the possibility of tag team titles for the women’s division in AEW, there are several factors to consider, and with the most important being TV time. AEW only has 3-hours of TV time in comparison to WWE’s 5-hours in just RAW and Smackdown, and not counting NXT on this argument, so by that time in AEW is too tight for them to fit right now, unless WBD offers them an extra hour for Rampage, and obviously more money.

Another important factor is the roster, AEW has a deep roster in the Women’s division but not deep enough to host a tag team belt besides the world and TBS titles they already have, and AEW already struggles to find time for their two champions in the women’s division as of this writing. Putting to strangers together and calling them a tag team is not the answer either. Tag team wrestling is an art and teams take a lot of time to get the chemistry they need to work together as an act.

AEW has already too many championships of their own, and without mentioning the fact the feature championships from other promotions already, so it just complicates things, and it would put AEW in a similar case as CMLL, since they have 30+ titles already. AEW would do better for their women’s division by just focusing on the two titles they already have right now.

Most fans ask for women’s tag team titles because WWE has one, poorly booked ones, but they have them. AEW should not fall for that mistake when they don’t have a roster as deep as needed and the TV time available to feature them on a consistent basis as fans asking for them envision. If we look ar WWE’s case, we realize WWE since day one never knew what to do with those titles and it shows to this day with the booking of them.

There is no doubt that AEW and Tony have in mind the idea of one day introducing tag team titles for the women’s division but the timing isn’t the best right now, but things could change in a year or two, and also depending if AEW fans make a strong push for them to become a reality, but as of this writing that isn’t the case and most that ask for the tag team titles are a minority in the AEW fanbase.

One thing is certain, and that is AEW has on their roadmap the idea of introducing tag team titles for their women’s division; like we saw a few years ago with their deadly draw tournament, or the fact AEW has formed several tag teams and groups inside the women’s division, and with the most notable example being Tay Melo and Anna Jay. The seeds have been planted by AEW, and they weren’t by mistake, it’s just a matter of the right time for them.