AEW Full Gear Review: A Tale Of Two Stories

AEW Full Gear 

November 18, 2023 | KIA Forum, Los Angeles, California 

AEW Full Gear Zero Hour 

ROH World Championship Match: Eddie Kingston [c] vs. Jay Lethal (w/Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh)
Stokely Hathaway joined commentary for the opening match. Kingston took early rocking Lethal with combination strikes. Kingston connected with an STO for a near fall. Kingston and Lethal exchanged chops. The action moved to the floor as Lethal ran Kingston into the ring post. Lethal distracted the referee as Sonjay Dutt rocked Lethal with a cheap shot. Kingston responded catching Lethal with a T-Bone Suplex. Kingston made a comeback rocking Lethal with rapid fire chops. Kingston rocked Lethal with a running knee strike for a two count. Lethal responded catching Kingston with the Lethal Combination. Lethal connected with a flying elbow drop for a two count. Lethal called for Lethal Injection but Kingston caught him with an Exploder Suplex. Dutt caused a distraction but Kingston yanked him off the ring apron. Karen Jarrett and Satnam Singh distracted the referee. Lethal and Jarrett went for the guitar. Ortiz appeared and smashed Dutt with a guitar. That got the biggest reaction of the match. Lethal called for Lethal Injection but Kingston caught him with an overhead suplex. Kingston rocked Lethal with a spinning back fist for the win. 

WINNER: Eddie Kingston retained the ROH World Title 
Rating: ***
Amin’s Thoughts: This was a solid match as both Kingston and Lethal worked well together. The match lacked reaction mostly due to the announcers noting crowd were still making their way into the building. 

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Buddy Mathews 
Buddy and Matthews began quickly exchanging strikes. Claudio went for the Giant Swing but Buddy rolled to the floor. Claudio rocked Buddy with a running uppercut into the barricade. Buddy responded rocking Claudio with a knee strike. Buddy connected with a Flying Meteora for a two count. Buddy connected with a knee strike. Claudio responded with a discus lariat for a two count. Claudio called for the Giant Swing but Buddy countered into a Victory Roll for a two count. Claudio caught Buddy with a Popup Uppercut for a two count. Claudio called for the Neutralizer but Buddy broke free. The crowd popped as Claudio caught Buddy flying off the ropes into the Giant Swing. Claudio covered Buddy for a two count. Buddy responded catching Claudio with a series of corner Superkicks. Buddy planted Claudio with a Powerbomb for a two count. Buddy connected with a Jackhammer for a two count. Claudio responded catching Buddy with a Cutter. Claudio was bleeding from the side of the head. Claudio took control rocking Buddy with a running uppercut for a two count. Claudio planted Buddy with a Riccolla Bomb. Claudio applied the Sharpshooter for the submission win. 

WINNER: Claudio Castagnoli 
Rating: ***1/4
Amin’s Thoughts: The action was great as both Buddy and Claudio worked a really good hard hitting back-and-forth match. 

Claudio offered a handshake after the match. Buddy refused. Buddy left the ring. 

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: MJF & Samoa Joe vs. The Gunns (Austin & Colten Gunn)
MJF and Samoa Joe both received great reactions from the crowd. MJF wasted no time stomping away at Colten in the corner. The Gunns launched MJF but Joe took the bump for him. Joe tagged himself into the match. Joe rocked The Gunns with a tope to the floor which got a big reaction. Colten went for a dropkick but Joe walked out of the way. Joe rocked Colten with a running elbow/enzuigiri combo. Joe tagged MJF into the match. Austin caused a distraction. Colten took advantage rocking MJF with a lariat. MJF used Austin momentum launching him to the floor. Joe ran wild rocking Colten with a running boot. Joe planted Austin with a Snap Powerslam for a two count. Joe called for the Muscle Buster but MJF tagged himself into the ring. MJF went for the Muscle Buster but Austin made the save. The Gunns called for 3:10 To Yuma but MJF countered with a Double DDT. The crowd cheered as MJF called for the Kangaroo Kick. The crowd booed as Joe tagged himself into the match. MJF and Joe went for Double Muscle Busters but The Gunns broke free. The Gunns delivered 3:10 To Yuma to Joe but MJF made the save. The crowd cheered as Adam Cole came out in crutches. Joe caught Colten in the Coquina Clutch for the submission win. 

WINNERS: MJF & Samoa Joe retained the ROH World Tag Team Titles 
Rating: ***
Amin’s Thoughts: A fun tag team match. A nice showing for The Gunns as they gave them some shine in the match. MJF and Joe retaining was a surprise to no one. 

Joe and MJF had a stare down as they shook hands. Joe left the ring. MJF spoke with Adam Cole. The Gunns attacked MJF from behind. The Gunns attacked MJF’s leg with a chair. The Gunn then Pilmanized the leg MJF. AEW officials came out. MJF was stretchered away. MJF told Cole to promise him to not lose the AEW World Title. Cole made MJF the promise. MJF was taken away in the ambulance. 

Amin’s Thoughts: The attack was pretty strong angle to give Jay White the advantage heading into the AEW World Title match. The hook with MJF telling Adam Cole to help him was an interesting hook to give people some curiosity to see what happens next. 

AEW Full Gear Main Show 

Adam Copeland, Darby Allin & Sting (w/Ric Flair) vs. TNT Champion Christian Cage, Luchasaurus & Nick Wayne
They had a quior with kids singing for Cage’s entrance which was nicely done. Copeland, Darby and Sting came out together to a great reaction. They were all wearing face paint. Ric Flair came out to be in Sting’s side. Darby shined early catching Wayne with a Springboard arm drag. The crowd cheered as Sting tagged into the match. Sting launched Wayne into the barricade. Wayne tagged Cage into the match. Sting tagged Copeland into the match. Cage and Copeland had a stare down. Cage tagged Luchasaurus into the match. Copeland planted Luchasurus with a spinning neck breaker. Cage draped Darby agains the ropes. Luchasurus took advantage as he grabbed Darby and Chokeslammed him from the ring onto the ring apron which looked nasty. Wayne connected with a Slingshot Senton to Darby for a two count. Darby responded catching Wayne with a Sunset Code Red. Cage yanked Copeland off the ring apron. Cage went for a spear but Darby moved. Cage and Darby bonked heads. Copeland got the tag. Copeland ran wild planting Luchasurus with an Edge-E-Cution. Copeland launched Wayne onto Luchasaurus. Darby delivered a Cannonball Tope to Luchasaurus. Sting connected with a flying crossbody to Luchasaurus and Wayne on the floor. Copeland and Sting delivered a flying leg drop/Scorpion Death Drop combo to Luchasaurus. Copeland/Darby and Sting delivered a Double Suplex/Flying Crossbody to Wayne. Luchausurs rocked Copeland with a running lariat. Cage confronted Flair on the floor. Flair gave Cage some strikes. Cage quickly stopped Flair giving him a low blow. Copeland ducked as Cage decked Luchasurus with the TNT Title. Cage ran through the crowd. Sting delivered a Stinger Splash to Luchasurus. Copeland followed with a spear. Darby delivered a Coffin Drop for the win. 

WINNER: Adam Copeland, Darby Allin & Sting 
Rating: ***1/4 
Amin’s Thoughts: A really fun tag team match as everyone got a chance to shine. I really have no interest seeing Flair get involved physically in matches but it was expected. Thankfully they kept it as quick as possible. I liked the layout with Cage and Copeland having very limited interaction in the match. Cage running through the crowd was awesome as he continues to play one the best heels in all of wrestling. This was a good way to build to their first single’s match in AEW. 

Sting hugged his son at ringside. Darby grabbed the mic and noted this was the last time Sting was going to wrestle inside this build. Darby told the crowd to cheer for Sting. The crowd chanted “Thank You Sting” This was a nice moment. 

Tony Schiavone stood on the entrance ramp as he called out both Bryce Remsburg and Jay White. Tony noted MJF can’t defend the title on the show. The crowd booed as Tony said the AEW World Title was cancelled. Tony was about to announce Jay White as the AEW World Champion. Adam Cole came out in crutches. Cole said White isn’t leaving with the AEW World Title. Cole said he already spoke to Tony Khan. Cole said he will step in as MJF’s replacement to defend the AEW World Title. 

Amin’s Thoughts: This was pretty idiotic on a number of different levels. You built the MJF and White on PPV for weeks and now on the show you are telling people it’s not happening. That’s bad. Here’s what even more dumb. You are trying to tell me they won’t clear MJF because of an injury on the pre-show. Yet, they are clearing Adam Cole to compete who’s walking around in crutches and had two surgeries on his leg. This was so dumb. 

AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy (w/Hook) [c] vs. Jon Moxley (w/Wheeler Yuta)
Cassidy and Moxley both received solid reactions from the crowd. Moxley and Cassidy exchanged strikes right away. Moxley took control early launching Cassidy with an X-Plex. Moxley planted Cassidy with a Bossman Slam for a two count. Moxley raked Cassidy’s back. Moxley went for a Superplex but Cassidy blocked. Cassidy raked Moxley’s back. Moxley responded hitting a series of head butts. Moxley went for a Super Paradigm Shift but Cassidy blocked. Cassidy rocked Moxley with a series of head butts. Moxley was busted open. Cassidy connected with a Superplex. Cassidy delivered a Flying DDT. Cassidy followed with a Satellite DDT but Moxley kicked out at one. Cassidy rocked Moxley with a Hat Trick of topes. Freshly Squeezed chants from the crowd. Cassidy went for a Super Orange Punch but Moxley stopped him. Cassidy caught Moxley with a Stun Dog Millionaire. Moxley responded grabbing Cassidy in position for a series of elbow strikes. Moxley applied a Bulldog Choke but Cassidy broke free. Cassidy went for Beach Break but Moxley escaped. Cassidy rolled through rocking Moxley with a PK. Cassidy went for Red Rum but Moxley grabbed the turnbuckle which got exposed. Moxley caught Cassidy with a Cutter. Moxley connected with a Gotch Piledriver for a two count. The crowd was split chanting for Cassidy and Moxley. Moxley mocked Cassidy’s lazy kicks. Cassidy placed his hands in his pockets. Cassidy moved as Moxley charged into the exposed turnbuckle. Cassidy rocked Moxley with a Hat Trick of Orange Punches. Cassidy applied a Victory Roll for a two count. Cassidy rocked Moxley with three more Orange Punches. Cassidy delivered Beach Break for the win. 

WINNER: Orange Cassidy retained the AEW International Title 
Rating: ***1/2 
Amin’s Thoughts: I enjoyed the match at All Out much more. I still very much enjoyed watching this match. Cassidy and Moxley have great chemistry as they worked a great match. This was a really strong win for Cassidy who needed to prove he can beat Moxley the one person who beat him for the International Title. They could definitely do a rubber match with the matches now being tied. 

They aired a highlight package announcing Mark Briscoe will take part in the AEW Continental Classic. 

AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Hikaru Shida [c] vs. Toni Storm (w/Luther)
Storm ripped up the script as the match began. Shida and Storm began exchanging strikes. Shida took control rocking Storm with chops. Mariah May was watching backstage. Storm responded rocking Shida with rapid fire chops. Shida responded rocking Storm with a running knee strike. Shida connected with a missile dropkick for a two count. Shida went for a Springboard from the ring apron but Storm launched her back into the ring. Luther gave Storm her shoe. Aubrey Edwards took the shoe away. Storm rocked Shida with a second shoe for a two count. Storm went for Storm Zero. Shida responded planting Storm with a Reverse Crunchy. Shida delivered a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Shida went for a Flying Meteora but Storm moved. Shida’s leg buckled. Storm applied an ankle lock but Shida grabbed the ropes. Storm pulled Shida’s shoe away. Shida grabbed her Kendo Stick. Luther tried to stop her. Shida kicked Luther in the balls and whacked him with a Kendo Stick. Storm placed a tray in her tights. Shida went for the Katana but Storm blocked. Storm caught Shida with a release German Suplex. Storm charged but stopped her herself. Storm had to adjust her tights as the tray got loose. Storm rocked Shida with a running hip attack for the win. 

WINNER: Toni Storm won the AEW Women’s World Title 
Rating: **1/2
Amin’s Thoughts: This would’ve been a perfectly fine match for a Dynamite show. This match took place on a PPV and it really didn’t cut it for me. Shida and Storm worked hard but the match never got out of first gear. The overall presentation of Storm’s character is great as she had to win the title. Shida had some nice matches as champion but this was just another short title reign which really didn’t mean much.

Mariah May came out and literally gave Toni Storm her flowers. The crowd cheered as Storm posed with the title. 

Renee Paquette interviewed Eddie Kingston backstage. Kingston added himself to the Continental Tournament. Kingston wanted to add the stakes so both his ROH World Title and NJPW Strong Openweight Titles are at stake in the tournament. The winner will become the first AEW Triple Crown Champion. 

AEW World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: Ricky Starks & Big Bill [c] vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. Black Throne (Malakai Black & Brodie King) vs. La Faccion Ingobernable Rush & Dralistico (w/Jose The Assistant & Preston Vance)
The action started quick as Black catapulted the ladder which went into Harwood’s face. Wheeler speared Rush through the ropes. Dralistico delivered a Tope Con Hilo onto a pile on the floor. Black delivered a Flying Moonsault onto another stack of pile on the floor. Harwood delivered a Superplex sending Starks crashing onto a stack on the floor. The crowd chanted “Meat” as Big Bill and King exchanged strikes. Harwood and Rush sandwiched Big Bill and King against the ladder. Harwood delivered an Helicopter Spin with a ladder. Dralistico caught Harwood with a Springboard Dropkick. Black slingshotted a ladder into Wheeler’s face. This Is Awesome chants from the crowd. Wheeler gave Black a low blow. Wheeler gave Black a Piledriver onto a ladder. Holy S*it chants from the crowd. King went for a dive but Big Bill threw a ladder into his face. Starks rocked Rush with a spear. Starks planted Wheeler with a Twisting Backdrop Suplex. King was busted open. Starks delivered an Overhead Suplex launching Starks onto a ladder. King delivered a running cannonball to Harwood onto a ladder. King went to climb the ropes. Big Bill tipped the ladder as King went crashing onto another ladder. Big Bill planted Dralistico with a Chokeslam. Rush delivered Bull Horns to Big Bill into a ladder. Dralistico and Wheeler tried to climb the ladders but was stopped. Dralistico caught Black with a Poisonrana. There were a crazy spot as King delivered a Gonzo Bomb to Dralistico onto a ladder. Wheeler almost slipped off the ropes but maintained his balance delivering a Super Splash to King onto a ladder. AEW chants from the crowd. Black rocked Harwood with Black Mass. Starks swung the title as Wheeler fell off the ladder. Starks grabbed the titles for the win. 

WINNERS: Ricky Starks & Big Bill retained the AEW World Tag Team Titles 
Rating: ****
Amin’s Thoughts: A really good match. This was just a wild ladder match which had some crazy bumps. A really good showing from everyone involved as all teams got a chance to shine. The ladder match gave them the opening to possibly switch the titles. I was glad to see Starks and Big Bill win as they make for a pretty fun team. 

Triple Threat TBS Championship Match: Kris Statlander [c] vs. Julia Hart vs. Skye Blue
Julia Hart received a great reaction from the crowd. Skye Blue removed her hat. Blue wore a crown to the ring. Blue has a new theme song. The crowd cheered as Statlander got a solid reaction. Statlander took control as she scoop slammed Hart onto Blue. Statlander delivered a handstand leg drop to Blue but Hart made the save. Hart was placed in the tree of woe. Blue and Hart had a stare down in a cool spot. Blue rocked Hart with a rising knee strike. Hart delivered a flying cannonball to Statlander. Blue followed with a Flying Hurricanrana to the floor. Blue and Hart worked Statlander with a Double Superkick. Hart and Blue shook hands. The friendship didn’t last long as Hart slammed Blue onto the mat. Blue responded rocking Hart with a PK for a two count. Statlander appeared planting Blue with a Samoan Drop but Hart made the save. Blue responded catching Statlander with a swinging neck breaker. Hart rocked Blue with an uppercut. Blue rocked Hart with a Corner Superkick. Statlander rocked Blue with a running lariat. Statlander planted Hart with a Fisherman’s Driver for a two count. Hart shoved Statlander to the floor. Hart delivered a Flying Moonsault Press to Blue but Hart made the save. Blue nailed Statlander with a sliding kick. Blue caught Statlander with a Code Blue coming off the ropes for a great two count. Blue went for Code Blue but Hart stopped her. Hart placed Blue in the Hartless Lock. Statlander returned planting both Hart and Blue with a pair of German Suplex which got a nice reaction from the crowd. Blue went for a Tilt-A-Whirl Head Scissors. Statlander countered catching Blue with Saturday Night’s Fever. Hart rocked Statlander with a sliding lariat. Hart covered Blue to win the title which got a great reaction. 

WINNER: Julia Hart won the TBS Title 
Rating: ***1/2
Amin’s Thoughts: A pretty good match. The action was good as everyone worked hard and got a chance to shine. Statlander looked great as her power spots really stood out. A nice showing from Blue who continues to get better with more matches. Hart has really stood out not just a key member of House of Black. Hart just continues to shine when it comes to her wrestling matches. Hart has lots of momentum right now and putting the title on her was the right move.

Tony Schiavone was inside the ring to announce the newest AEW signing. The music played as Will Ospreay came out to a great reaction. Ospreay signed the AEW contract. Ospreay spoke about having some bad news. Ospreay spoke about New Japan Pro Wrestling giving him his big chance. Ospreay noted he wanted to first finish his commitment with NJPW. Ospreay noted he will be back on the Road to Revolution. Ospreay hyped the AEW All In show in London 2024. Ospreay told AEW to line up the best competition they have for him. 

Amin’s Thoughts: Will Ospreay is one of the best wrestlers in the world. This should be a great signing for AEW. I always thought Ospreay would sign with AEW if he was going to test free agency. The reason being Ospreay can work for AEW but still get the chance to continue working dates with NJPW as well. 

Texas Death Match: Hangman Adam Page vs. Swerve Strickland (w/Prince Nana)
There were some dancers on stage. They joined Prince Nana as they all did his signature dance. Swerve Strickland came out making his cool slow walk to the ring. This was a pretty cool entrance. Hangman Page came out to no music as he jumped Strickland right away. Page planted Strickland with a Popup Powerbomb. Page rocked Strickland with a Buckshot Lariat. Page launched Strickland to the barricade. Page launched a chair into Strickland’s face. Page tapped Strickland’s hand with duck tape. Page used a Staple Gun to staple Strickland arm chest. Strickland was busted open. Page grabbed a picture of his son’s drawing and stapled it to Strickland’s face. Page then tore the picture off Strickland’s face. Page grabbed Strickland’s face and placed his blood on his face and mouth. The crowd chanted “You Sick F*ck!” Page grabbed a barbed wire chair. Strickland gave Page a low blow. Prince Nana freed Strickland from the duck tape. Page used the Staple Gun but Strickland no-sold it. Strickland smiled as he stapled himself. This was nuts. Strickland launched page into the barbed wire chair. Strickland racked Page’s face with a piece of barbed wire. Strickland grabbed a cinder block. Strickland gave Page a Death Valley Driver onto a cinder block. This was CRAZY! Swerve’s House chants from the crowd. Strickland planted Page with a Piledriver onto the guard rail. Page caught Strickland with a pair of fallaway slams. Page wrapped the barbed wire around Strickland’s body. Page sent Strickland flying with a fallaway slam. Page grabbed a barbed wire chair delivering a Flying Moonsault to Strickland on the floor. This Is Awesome chants. Page called for the Buckshot Lariat but Strickland escaped. Strickland booted the barbed wire chair into Page’s face. Strickland went for a Tombstone. Page reversed delivering a Tombstone Piledriver onto barbed wire chair. Prince Nana gave an assist. The crowd cheered as Strickland stood up. Page went for a Super Dead Eye but Strickland blocked. Strickland whacked Page with the barbed wire chair. This was sick as part of the barbed wire went into Page’s hair. Strickland planted Page with a Powerbomb onto the bared wire stomp. Strickland followed with a Swerve Stomp onto the barbed wire chair. Strickland grabbed a black bag. Strickland dumped pieces of broken glass onto Page’s back. Strickland delivered a 450 Splash to Page onto the broken glass. Strickland delivered the JML Driver but Page still got up. AEW chants from the crowd. Strickland and Nana pulled out a barbed wire board. Page delivered an Avalanche Fallaway Slam as Strickland went crashing through the barbed wire board. This was just crazy. Page planted Strickland with a Dead Eye onto the broken barbed wire board. Page wrapped the barbed write around Strickland’s face. Page rocked Strickland with a Buckshot Shot Barbed Wire Lariat. Prince Nana pulled Strickland to the floor. The crowd cheered as Strickland stood on his feet. Brian Cage appeared planting Page with a pair of Powerbomb. The crowd cheered as Cage grabbed a table. The crowd chanted “We want Fire!” Page wrapped his fist with the barbed wire as he rocked Cage with a rolling forearm. Prince Nana whacked Page with a chair. Prince Nana began dancing. Page delivered the Dead Eye sending Prince Nana crashing through a table on the floor. Strickland appeared smashing the back of Page’s had with a cinder block. Page tried to get up. Strickland grabbed a chair and choked Page against the ring post. Page passed out. 

WINNER: Swerve Strickland 
Rating: *****
Amin’s Thoughts: This match was absolutely insane to watch. You can make the strong case this was the most vicious match in AEW history. There were points where this got uncomfortable to watch. I give Page and Strickland all the praise as they worked this like it was a blood feud and not just another match in their rivalry. I thought Strickland needed the win after Page’s promo on Dynamite. My only nitpick is the interference from Brian Cage which just wasn’t needed for this match. Page addressed both Strickland and Prince Nana. That’s why it was fine for Nana to get involved. Page is already an established star and former AEW World Champion Page has been reestablished from the promo on Dynamite and performance in the match. It would’ve been perfectly fine if Strickland got the win without the help of Cage. Strickland still came off a main event star and should be pushed to the top after this performance. This match will be remembered for quite some time. The interference from Cage brought this match down a slight bit. This was still easily the highlight of the show. An awesome must see recommended match. 

Golden Jets (Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)
Chris Jericho received a great reaction. The crowd sang along to Judas. Kenny Omega received a great reaction. The Young Bucks also received a great reaction. Don Callis joined the commentary team for the match. Nick and Omega began with a nice exchange. Nick and Omega showed respect. Matt yanked Jericho to the mat and began posing. This fired Jericho up as he rocked Matt with chops. Omega tagged in holding Jericho back. Omega caught Matt with a Snap Hurricanrana. Omega hit a Terminator Dive to Matt on the floor. Jericho caught Nick with a Springboard Dropkick. The action moved to the floor as Matt kicked the ring steps into Jericho’s arm. Jericho was bleeding from the arm. The crowd broke into a “F*ck CM Punk” chant. The Bucks were booed by the crowd as they took control. Jericho got Omega the hot tag. Omega ran wild delivering a Snap Dragon Suplex to Matt. Omega delivered a Flying Moonsault to Matt on the floor. Omega went for a flying crossbody but Nick rolled through for a two count. Jericho delivered a Lionsault onto both The Buck in an awkward landing. Nick caught Jericho’s arm against the ropes. Matt went for the Walls of Jericho. Excalibur on commentary called it the Walls of Jackson. Jericho countered with an inside cradle for a near fall. Jericho countered a Hurricanrana from Matt into the Walls of Jericho. Matt broke free kicking away at Jericho’s injured arm. Matt caught Jericho and Omega with a double Northern Lights Suplex. Nick planted Omega with a German Suplex onto the ring apron. Nick delivered a draping Swanton Bomb to Jericho for a two count. Jericho responded draping Matt on the ropes. Jericho connected with a Flying Hurricanrana to Matt. Aubrey Edwards was distracted. Nick gave Jericho a low blow. Nick went for another low blow but Omega blocked. Nick distracted the referee. Matt gave Omega a low blow. Nick delivered a Springboard Swanton Bomb to Omega. The Bucks delivered the BTE Trigger but Jericho kicked out for a good two count. Nick shoved the referee away. Jericho gave Nick a low blow. There was a cool spot as both Jericho and Nick were laying on opposite sides. Omega teased but instead gave Nick a V-Trigger. Omega called for the One Winged Angel but Nick countered into a Poisonrana. Matt delivered the One Winged Angel to Omega. Nick covered Omega for a great two count. This Is Awesome chants from the crowd. The Bucks teased the Meltzer Driver. Jericho caught Nick with a Codebreaker. Omega delivered a Straightjacket German Suplex to Matt for two. The action broke down as Matt rocked Jericho with a Superkick. Matt said he was going to break Jericho’s arm. Omega rocked Matt with a V-Trigger. Omega delivered the One Winged Angel for the win. 

WINNERS: Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho 
Rating: ****
Amin’s Thoughts: They were placed in a really rough spot following the incredible Page and Strickland match. I very much enjoyed the match. The wrestling was great as everyone worked hard. I thought The Bucks were great playing unlikable heels. This match had a short build so they threw a stipulation to add stakes. Jericho and Omega just stared teaming recently so they weren’t going to break up. This also works for Jericho and Omega to challenge the heel tag champions Starks and Big Bill. The Bucks was the right move to continue the direction towards the full heel turn. The Elite act has gotten pretty stale. This is a great away to freshen everyone up with The Elite going their separate ways. 

The Bucks threw a huge temper tantrum after the match. 

AEW World Championship Match: Adam Cole vs. Jay White
Adam Cole came out not dressed to wrestle. He came out with crutches and still in his walking boot. That just shows how ridiculous this angle away. No Match. 

AEW World Championship Match: MJF [c] vs. Jay White
The crowd cheered as they show MJF driving an ambulance into the arena. The music played as MJF came out to a great reaction. MJF’s knee was heavily wrapped up. AEW officials tried to hold MJF back. MJF made his way to the ring. White took control early working over MJF’s injured leg. White delivered a half-and-half suplex sending MJF crashing into the turnbuckle for a near fall. White tossed MJF to the floor. The Gunns attacked MJF. The Gunns tried to attack MJF with a chair. The crowd cheered as the referee sent The Gunns to the back. White tossed MJF’s shirt into Cole’s face. MJF battled back rocking White with corner strikes. The crowd popped as MJF gave White the Kangaroo Kick. Cole slammed the mat as he told MJF to do a dive. White caught MJF with a basement dropkick. White connected with a DDT for a two count. MJF responded catching White with a corner kick. MJF called for the Panama Sunrise but White moved. White planted MJF with a Uranage Slam for a two count. White delivered a Saito Suplex sending MJF to the floor. MJF responded catching White with a DDT on the floor. MJF went to place White but the announcers table just broke. The crowd booed. MJF climbed the ropes and delivered a Macho Man Elbow Drop to White on the floor. This was crazy. The crowd chanted “He’s our Scumbag.” White caught MJF with a Dragon Screw against the ropes. White placed MJF in the tree of woe. MJF responded launching White off the ropes. White responded catching MJF’s injured leg on the ropes. White delivered an Avalanche Uranage Slam to MJF for a good two count. White called for the Blade Runner but MJF broke free. White caught MJF with a Flatliner/German Suplex combo. They exchanged rollups as MJF went for a leverage pin grabbing the ropes but White kicked out for two. MJF caught White with a Tombstone Piledriver. MJF went for the Heat Seeker but White broke free. There was a crazy spot as MJF delivered a Flying Cutter from the ring sending White crashing to the floor. MJF sold his leg. The crowd chanted Holy S*it. MJF sent White into the ring and covered him for a two count.Doctor checked on MJF’s leg. White caught MJF with a pair of Dragon Screws. White applied a Figure-4-Leg Lock. There was a great spot as Cole teased throwing MJF’s shirt into the ring. The crowd chanted NO. MJF reversed the hold as White grabbed the ropes. Cole grabbed the ROH Title. White whacked MJF with the title. MJF kicked out for a great two count. MJF kicked White who bumped into the official. Cole placed the Dynamite Diamond Ring on the mat. White grabbed the ring and flipped Cole off. MJF gave White a low blow. The Gunns returned back to the ring. MJF decked The Gunns with the Dynamite Diamond Ring. MJF decked White with the Dynamite Diamond Ring. MJF covered White for the win.

WINNER: MJF retained the AEW World Title 
Rating: ****1/2
Amin’s Thoughts: Let me just say this. The show long storyline teasing Adam Cole was going to replace MJF in the main event after teasing the World Title PPV match for weeks just wasn’t needed at all. This was a great professional wrestling match. White has been carrying around the AEW World Title for weeks. They have also been teasing programs with both Samoa Joe and Wardlow for MJF. White wasn’t going to win this match. White having a tremendous match but losing in the end would’ve been perfectly fine. I thought White was great playing such a tremendous heel. I will mention White losing to MJF with an injured leg did not help him. MJF was awesome playing to the crowd from his facial reactions. MJF’s level of selling his injured leg through the match was tremendous stuff. MJF winning was the way to go as he feels like the biggest star on the show.

MJF and Adam Cole celebrated together as the show came to a close. 

Overall Thoughts: You can always count on AEW to deliver a stellar PPV. This was a really strong show when it comes to in-ring steps. There were lots of great matches up and down the card. Page and Strickland was an incredible brutal masterpiece of a match. However, not everything on the show worked. The show long story teasing MJF not being able to compete just didn’t work for the me. The stuff with Adam Cole competing on his injured leg was even more ridiculous. Surprisingly, there was also no tease of The Devil on the show. Overall, AEW Gear was tale of two stories. The wrestling was great. AEW trying to tell a show long story with MJF was not needed at all.