TNA Xplosion Review (June 18th)

Aired: June 14th (TNA Plus) & June 18th (YouTube)

Jonathan Gresham vs. Leon Slater

Match starts off with a lock up & Jonathan Gresham pushes Leon Slater to the ropes but Slater quickly retaliated with a kick to Gresham’s face followed by a handspring back elbow.

Slater went for another kick but Gresham ducks & stomped on Slater’s foot and hits a chop block.

After a brief standoff Gresham slowed the pace with a dropkick to Slater’s knee bringing him to the mat.

Gresham took advantage by targeting Slater’s injured knee with a submission hold.

Gresham attempted another dropkick to Slater’s knee but Slater evaded and hits another handspring.

Gresham caught him in a backslide.

Slater kicks out and hits Gresham with a Blue Thunder Bomb despite favoring his left knee.

Slater went for the pin but Gresham kicked out.

Slater tried to scoop Gresham up for a suplex but Gresham escaped. Slater stomped on Gresham but hurt his knee in the process.

Gresham single legs Slater but he pushed him off and attempted a leapfrog only for his knee to give out. Gresham charged and Slater countered with a back body drop.

Climbing to the top rope Slater’s knee bothered him causing his leg to give out. Gresham climbed up and bites Slater leading to a struggle on the top rope.

Gresham fell and Slater attempted a Swanton 450 Splash but he crashed and burned.

Gresham tried to roll up Slater leading to a series of pin exchanges.

Gresham rips off the official’s mask using the distraction to hit a low blow to Slater then rolls up Slater for the win.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham