After Six Years, Fightful Managing Editor/Legitimate Professional Wrestler Sean Ross Sapp Returns to the Ring to Battle OnlyFans Superstar/Also Professional Wrestler Shazza McKenzie

Courtesy of Black Label Pro

If ever there was a case of ‘The Irresistable Force’ meeting ‘The Immovable Object,’ this is it.

For the first time in six years, Sean Ross Sapp – Managing Editor and part owner of Fightful Wrestling – is lacing up his wrestling boots or, perhaps, his Home Alone Adidas to step foot in the ring against his former friend, Shazza McKenzie at Black Label Pro’s ‘Slamilton’ event, happening on Dec. 2.

McKenzie is an Australian transplant and independent wrestling standout who has battled in several national and international promotions, including Game Changer Wrestling, Midwest All-Star Wrestling, Black Label Pro, Freelance Wrestling, and so many more. As a proponent of intergender wrestling, McKenzie has the experience, talent, and confidence to take on all-comers, regardless of their gender. She is one of the brightest stars on the independent wrestling circuit, and ‘Slamilton’ is just the latest stop on her road to superstardom.

Additionally, McKenzie has created an OnlyFans page, which has amassed more than 14,000 likes and is currently only $11.99 a month.

As of press time, Sapp does not have an OnlyFans page.

But what he does have is a heavy social media presence, which he has used time and time again to get under the skin of McKenzie.

Not content with merely talking shit on Twitter (as most of his staunchest critics do), Sapp even interfered in a match of which McKenzie was a part, which kick-started this feud into a whole new gear.

On April 7, 2023 during WrestleMania Weekend, Black Label Pro put on a special event – BLP at Squared Circle Expo – during which a masked Sapp attacked McKenzie and planted her with an Impaler DDT that would make Gangrel proud. Sapp then ripped off his hoodie, unmasked, and laughed at his fallen foe.

The crowd reacted with stunned silence.

“I told you I was coming for you!” Sapp screamed at his Aussie adversary.

He then kicked McKenzie out of the ring, shouting that he was “sending her back to Australia.”

Unfortunately for Sapp, McKenzie not only didn’t go back to Australia – she moved to America! Some believe the reason for this was solely to destroy Sapp and take from him everything that he held near and dear; such as his shoe collection, his podcasting equipment, every single dollar earned via Fightful Select and, perhaps most importantly, that really big, weird head that Jimmy Van had made.

McKenzie wants it all and she won’t stop until she gets it. This isn’t the biggest match of her career, but it is, perhaps, the most personal. And she is not throwing away her shot.

Sapp, to his credit, acknowledges the immense talent that the Heartbreakcore possesses. But he’s no slouch himself. Sapp is trained in professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. He’s gone toe-to-toe and face-to-face with other supposed wrestling media personalities, and they’ve backed down like the cowards that they are. He has built a devout following of supporters and colleagues, even if some of them don’t actually, ya know, like him.

“While I enjoy doing business with Sean and bouncing ideas, I think my biggest issue with him is that, I mean, he’s really just a disgusting human being,” said Cameron Hawkins, a writer for both Fightful and for The Ringer (and co-host of the immensely popular ‘Break it Down: A D-Generation X Podcast,’ with Nick Perkins). “One time, we went to a Golden Corral and, I kid you not, he put, like, his whole chin into the mashed potatoes. It was very nasty. Very nasty.”

Those who know Sapp, really know him, are not surprised by this revelation.

“He’s just the type of person who doesn’t respect the business,” Hawkins continued. “At least, the business of food. And so what I really want to happen – for the first time ever, I want to see a white woman put a white man in his place. I need that. My soul needs that.”

His soul isn’t the only one who needs that. Nor is Hawkins the only wrestling writer to have issues with Sapp and his lack of respect for food.

“The first time I met Sean, it was in Las Vegas,” said Cassidy Haynes, owner and Managing Editor of (which hosts the immensely popular ‘Break it Down: A D-Generation X Podcast’). “We had been beefing online and decided to meet up in Vegas for food. Or a fight. Whichever the situation dictated. He ended up buying me lunch at In-and-Out Burger. I wanted chicken, but he insisted on burgers. I’ll never forgive him for that. I hope my dear friend Shazza beats his ass. For all of us.”

Whether she does remains to be seen but Sapp, as per usual, is not lacking confidence.

“For some reason, this is happening,” Sapp stated. “I’m not sure who this match serves, besides my own ego. But for that reason, I’m glad it’s happening. I truly hope the wrestling industry can continue past December 2, as I will need to continue to leech off of it. Thank you and please subscribe to Fightful Select.”

McKenzie, to her credit, prefers to let her actions do the talking for her. But, she did have this to say about her former friend, turned bitter enemy:

“Sean Ross Sapp is a little bitch, and he’s gonna catch these hands Dec. 2.”

Little bitch or not, Sapp has announced that in lieu of payment for his match against McKenzie, he asked the owners of BLP to make a donation to NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness).

While this proves that Sapp isn’t in it for the money (he’d rather make his money $5 at a time via Fightful Select), it hasn’t stopped embittered Twitter users from accusing Sapp of “taking a spot” from other wrestlers.

Sackmonkey1988 stated that “This goof does not belong in a wrestling ring,” despite actual wrestlers and promoters feeling the opposite.

Hatsby’s American Cream stated that “Everyone excited about this is what’s wrong with wrestling today.” It currently has two ‘likes.’

“The reason I know this match is a good idea is that it’s pissing the right people off,” Hawkins laughed. “People always do this thing where they act like they’re missing a payday because somebody else got one. No, that was never for you. They didn’t replace you; you weren’t gonna be there.”

But Sapp and McKenzie will be there, with bells on. History has its eyes on these two competitors, and while Sapp may have the training, McKenzie has years of experience inside of the squared circle. She also has a killer instinct, and she won’t be satisfied until SRS is begging for mercy.

Regardless of the match outcome, BLP’s ‘Slamilton’ show is sure to be a hit. Follow Black Label Pro on Twitter (we’re not calling it ‘X’) for more match announcements. And if you find yourself in Berwyn, Illinois on Dec. 2, buy a ticket and take the ride. Because this is one fight that Sean Ross Sapp cannot write his way out of.

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