Titus O’Neil Picks Members of a Potential Titus Worldwide

Speaking to Fightful’s Jeremy Lambert, WWE superstar and leader of the defunct Titus Worldwide stable, Titus O’Neil detailed who he would pick as new members, should he decide to re-open those Worldwide doors:

Chad Gable has his own thing with Alpha Academy, but I would definitely bring Tozawa back. That dude is so entertaining, ridiculously entertaining. If I had to get a female superstar, I’d like to get Jade [Jade Cargill] as part of Titus Worldwide. Another male, probably Carmelo Hayes. I really really like him. I think he’s going to be a big star in our business. Great personality. I’d probably throw Trick Williams in there too just because, even though he went to South Carolina, and Gators and South Carolina…I can prove on national TV that Gators and Gamecocks can work together in a non-competitive way and put out a good product,

Titus O’Neil

Titus O’Neal’s most recent appearance on WWE programming was as a guest commentator for WrestleMania 39. He is notable for his philanthropy work as an ambassador of WWE.