Becoming the Other

Preconceived notions can often be a damnable offense in the universe, for not all is set in stone, and not all is to be as we expect, as we dictate. Sometimes a wrench is thrown into our expectations that derails everything and we can just

John Cena: Never Give Up

Sometimes we have something in front of us that we just fail to appreciate in the moment, no matter how good it is to us. It is only with a look backward on the road life takes us that we truly appreciate it. But then, at that moment, it

Swiss Cyclone Symphony

One day and long ago, I saw something that I had not yet been face-to-face with as a child. I saw a funnel cloud swirling down from the heavens; for anyone else, that wouldn’t mean anything. For those that lived in Small Town, U.S.A.,

Awaken the Demon

“I understand you've been running from the man That goes by the name of the Sandman He flies the sky like an eagle in the eye Of a hurricane that's abandoned” -America, “Sandman” You’re frustrated. You’ve been