Exclusive: What CM Punk Told The Young Bucks During Their Brief Interaction At AEW All In

CM Punk was level headed in his interaction with The Young Bucks.

Since AEW All Out 2022, the wrestling world has been on edge regarding the tense relationship between CM Punk and The Elite. At the event, Punk would launch into a manic verbal rampage during its media scrum.

Following the scrum, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega would confront Punk in his locker room. This would lead to a brawl involving the two parties and Ace Steel, who bit Omega in the melee.

Since this incident, relationships between the two parties have remained ice cold, despite fans wishing for the men involved to put it behind them to make a ton of money. Throughout this saga, it has been reported that Punk would have liked to sit down and work through the issues, but The Young Bucks were not interested.

At AEW All In on August 27th, Punk found himself once again in an altercation backstage. This time, it was Jack Perry who he clashed with, with the brawl causing monitors to crash onto AEW President Tony Khan. As they were separated, Punk would lunge at the AEW President while quitting. It turned out he wouldn’t need to, as Tony fired him with cause just days before AEW All Out this past weekend.

However, there has been much more information reported backstage at the event. Sean Ross Sapp reports that prior to AEW All In The Young Bucks and Punk ran into each other at the venue. Sapp also noted that despite people being on the edge of their seat seeing the two parties together, there was no issues.

A source who was present during the interaction before All In noted to that Punk did keep the exchange brief, simply telling Matt and Nick Jackson: “Let’s make history.” Punk would then leave respectfully, with the interaction going fine as originally reported.

It is a shame that later that day, Punk would end up crossing the final line that Tony Khan was willing to handle. A report has circulated this week that The Bucks were waiting 6 months of no drama from Punk before being open to hashing things out.

Megha Parekh has been present for much of the CM Punk drama for good reason and was the lead on the investigation into Punk prior to his firing with cause.

Please credit and Corey Brennan if you aggregate this report

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