Father/Wrestler of the Year Tyrus Threatens to Beat His Children if They Share Their Preferred Pronouns

Somebody call their mama…because their daddy is threatening abuse.

Recently, NWA Champion and Fox News Contributor Tyrus (FKA Brodus Clay) appeared on an episode of Fox News’ Gutfield show. While there, the participants took part in a segment entitled – Neopronouns: The Left’s Latest Obsession (you can immediately tell where this is headed).

After host Greg Gutfield brought/made up a story about a student in a 3rd grade class claiming they wanted to be a cat, Tyrus spoke and – to be fair – cut a better promo than he ever did as a wrestler. Unfortunately, the content of his monologue revealed the type of human being, and father, that he actually is.

“Yeah, okay, we’re just gonna stop this party” the current reigning and defending Heavyweight Champion of the National Wrestling Alliance began. “Alright. The answer’s no. F*ck no. I don’t wanna know. If someone comes up to me and they can’t say ‘Hi, I’m Daryl.’ [If they say] ‘Hi, my pronouns are…’ the wind of me walking away from them will knock them over. Like, I’m not participating in your games. I got real things going on.”

Said real things may or may not include headlining a wrestling show that nobody watches.

The studio audience broke out into applause (it is Fox News, after all) which just furthered to embolden Tyrus as he continued his rant; next offering up his opinion on what people who use preferred pronouns actually look like. Unsurprisingly, his depiction was about as basic, stereotypical, and low-hanging-fruit as it could possibly be.

“When you look for people who are actually going through this – when you find them, you understand why,” he joked (we think). “They’re always the same; they have the same look. It’s either a faux-hawk with some really bad hair coloring; a horrible nose piercing; really inappropriate, bad tattoos that they’re gonna regret whenever they decide to grow up; and it’s a cry for help.”

Incidentally, here’s a recent photo of Tyrus.

Moving on, Tyrus continued his rant to a crowd that ate it up.

“They don’t participate. They can’t succeed. They’re not trying to succeed,” he said. “‘So I will make myself something different so I can win in my event. Because I’m a unicorn leaf self. And there’s only one of me.'”

Not done yet, the former Brodus Clay stated that he did some of his own research and found a guy who claimed he was ‘Half-Vampire and Half-Lycanthrope’ because his parents were a vampire and a werewolf.

It’s unknown if Tyrus just forgot what he was talking about and opted to start revealing the plot of Twilight. But one of the other hosts of the show, some woman who’s not important enough to name, said it was “insanity.”

“You stay away from those people,” the face of the NWA stated.

“Exactly!” Gutfield responded. “Keep your pronouns on Twitter so we can avoid you.”

Not content to just make fun of hypothetical strangers that he’s never actually met or interacted with, Tyrus then decided to focus his ignorance on his own children.

“And if my kids came home and said ‘Daddy, my pronouns are this, this and this,’ my pronouns would be ‘ass-whooping,'” Tyrus revealed.

Yes, the World Champion of the National Wrestling Alliance, owned by Billy Corgan, revealed on air that if his children asked him to use preferred pronouns, he would beat them.

This is the NWA champion.

This is also the NWA champion:


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