Hell hath no fury like a friendship scorned: taking a look at Eddie and Mox’s rivalry

Photocredits: All Elite Wrestling

It goes without saying that Jon Moxley is one of the hottest names in professional wrestling. For tonight’s Dynamite show, he will deliver a taped message: fresh from his victory over El Desperado during Independence Day 2023 in a brutal match on Japanese soil, he is known as one of the greatest wrestlers ever, one of those wrestlers who is respected for what he accomplishes, for the example he sets in front of his opponents and in the backstage, too.

Although unaffected by the infamous Brawl Out and the aftermath of the Rocky 3 storyline with CM Punk, one thing is for certain: few names in the business evoke the same level of excitement and intensity as Jon Moxley when it comes to professional wrestling. While previously known as Dean Ambrose in WWE, Moxley has made a name for himself in All Elite Wrestling, forging his own path. Currently engaged in a bloody feud with The Elite which will culminate with Blood and Guts on July 19, in Boston, here’s an overview of his accomplishments, most famous feuds, and most importantly, his incendiary rivalry with Eddie Kingston.

From Dean Ambrose to Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley’s ascent to wrestling stardom began under Dean Ambrose in WWE, where he gained immense popularity as part of The Shield stable. However, his transition to AEW and the rebirth of his character as Jon Moxley truly showcased his unmatched skills and unleashed his full potential.

After leaving WWE, he adopted the ring name Jon Moxley and returned wrestling on the independent circuit. He later signed with All Elite Wrestling in 2019.

It has been a fresh start for Mox: when Jon Moxley transitioned from WWE to AEW, it was not just a change in promotion but a shift in creative direction. AEW allowed him to showcase his talents in an entirely different light and embrace his unfiltered, uncensored persona. AEW’s creative freedom has allowed Moxley to fully express himself, resulting in some of his career’s most compelling and captivating performances.

The “Dean Ambrose vs Jon Moxley” debate is still open among fans, and it has certainly been rekindled in the last few hours.

Whether Jon Moxley or Dean Ambrose is better is subjective and depends on personal preference. Both personas have had successful careers and garnered a significant fan base.

Certainly, I do not intend to force anyone’s taste, but we must face facts: since transitioning to Jon Moxley in AEW, he has become 3x AEW World Champion and has been involved in critically acclaimed matches and feuds.

During his tenure at AEW, Jon Moxley broke several records and reached pro wrestling peaks. Along with a terrific stint in New Japan Pro Wrestling, he had notable matches and feuds with top stars such as Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, and CM Punk.

However, there is one rivalry that most ignites fans: Jon Moxley vs Eddie Kingston, his longtime friend who is now his renewed enemy.

Photocredits: All Elite Wrestling

The Intense Rivalry of Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston: A Clash of Emotions and Resentment

Professional wrestling thrives on captivating rivalries that evoke intense emotions and keep fans on edge. In All Elite Wrestling, few rivalries have captured the raw intensity and deeply personal animosity quite like Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston. Their storyline was a masterclass in storytelling, featuring betrayal, resentment, and profound emotional connection. From exciting promos to brutal physical encounters, Moxley and Kingston crafted a rivalry that left an indelible mark on AEW and the wrestling community.

The foundation of the Moxley vs. Kingston rivalry was rooted in betrayal and deep-seated resentment. Eddie Kingston, once a friend and partner of Moxley’s on the independent wrestling scene, was overshadowed and overlooked when Moxley succeeded in AEW. This resentment festered, fueling Kingston’s determination to prove that he deserved the same recognition and opportunities.

What truly elevated the Moxley vs Kingston rivalry was the exceptional mic work and exciting promos delivered by both wrestlers. Their verbal exchanges were filled with genuine emotion and authenticity, laying bare their grievances and frustrations. Moxley and Kingston engaged in a war of words that resonated with the audience. This heightened anticipation for their clash in the ring, which culminated in the two matches on September 23 and November 7, 2020.

Personal Connection and Authenticity

One of the most fascinating aspects of the rivalry was Moxley and Kingston’s connection and authenticity. Drawing upon their real-life friendship and shared history, they created a deeply emotional storyline that fans could relate to. The authenticity with which they portrayed their characters added a layer of realism and depth to their feud, making it all the more compelling.

Physicality and Brawls

The Moxley vs Kingston rivalry was not confined to words alone; it split into intense physical altercations. The brawls between them were filled with aggression that showcased their willingness to push violence boundaries. Each encounter was a testament to their ferocity and desire to settle their differences in the most visceral way possible.

The matches were brutal, hard-hitting affairs, with Moxley and Kingston showcasing their brawling abilities and refusal to back down. The chemistry between them was evident as they delivered a match that exceeded expectations and solidified their reputations as top-tier performers in AEW.

The rivalry between Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston will be remembered as a standout feud in AEW history. It exemplifies the power of personal connections, authentic storytelling, and exceptional performances. The emotional intensity and physicality on display made their rivalry a highlight for wrestling fans. Moxley and Kingston delivered a clash of emotions and resentment that solidified their status as two of the most captivating wrestlers in AEW.

Early Days and the Independent Wrestling Circuit

Their friendship started on the independent wrestling circuit when they were in their early twenties. Their mutual love for the sport led them to pursue their respective careers, honing their craft in promotions around the world. They met during this time and formed a bond of respect, shared experiences, and mutual love of professional wrestling.

Partnership and Tag Team Success

As a tag team, Moxley and Kingston expanded their friendship. As a result of their successful partnership, the two teammates demonstrated remarkable chemistry and a profound understanding of each other’s strengths. They left a lasting impression on independent wrestling, earning acclaim and establishing themselves as formidable competitors.

Navigating Different Paths 

In the course of their careers, Moxley and Kingston followed separate paths. Moxley quickly became a prominent figure on WWE’s roster, while Kingston made waves on the independent scene. While their careers diverged, their friendship endured, rooted in mutual respect and shared experiences.

Resentment and a fractured friendship

Kingston felt overlooked and undervalued, while Moxley achieved significant success in WWE. This led to the fracture in Moxley and Kingston’s friendship. The animosity between Kingston and his friend was caused by his resentment towards his friend’s achievements. A once-solid friendship became strained, giving way to a bitter rivalry in AEW, bringing the rivalry from screen to ring.

Their feud ended at AEW Revolution 2021, and they became tag team partners. Although they never won tag team gold together, their real-life friendship permeated their onscreen dynamic and made them fan favorites.

When Moxley joined Blackpool Combat Club, the two kept in touch and occasionally teamed up. A noteworthy team-up between Eddie, Santana, and Ortiz occurred at Anarchy in the Arena and Blood and Guts, when they helped the Blackpool Combat Club defeat the Jericho Appreciation Society. Since the BCC has turned heel, the two sides work against one another. The BCC is set to face The Elite and Eddie Kingston on July 19 in Boston, adding another chapter to the story of Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston. Moxley now finds himself in an uncomfortable situation: he now has a stable to pivot for and a friend he doesn’t want to fight or hurt. Clearly, the situation is on the verge of escalating, as Mox is caught between a friendship he fought for, found again, and his honor and blood pact with the BCC. Which will he choose? Tonight, we just need to tune into AEW Dynamite.