Photo Surfaces of Evil, Vindictive, Remorseless Demon Monster…and Kane

Photo Courtesy of Glenn Jacobs

It was bound to happen. After years of being the devil’s favorite demon, Glenn Jacobs (AKA Kane) has opted for a career switch. Now, he is the Republicans’ Favorite Sycophant and he’s causing just as much destruction as he did while battling The Undertaker in WWE.

Unfortunately, this version of Kane isn’t tombstoning Pete Rose or setting lighting guys on fire. This version of Kane is doing something much, much worse…he’s trying to abolish transgender care, denying the science of COVID-19, trying to “end wokeness” and more.

He’s also taking pictures with quasi-relevant politicians, including Lauren Boebert and, yes, former reality star and WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump, who is currently being indicted for multiple crimes, including 34 felony counts related to business fraud. He also sexually abused E. Jean Carroll, a jury decided.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the Big Red Machine from posing for a photo opp with the man who once owned WWE Raw.

Like, of course he was generous with his time. He can’t leave the country.

Kane, a multiple time world champion, has been called “one of the smartest men in wrestling,” by people like Mick Foley and Bryan Danielson. Intelligence does not equal character, however, and let’s just say that murdering his girlfriend and having “relations” with her corpse was not the worst thing that Glenn Jacobs has done in his lifetime.