Joey Janela Jokingly Claims That Security Will Prevent CM Punk From Attending GCW’s Upcoming Show In Chicago

Joey Janela is dead serious about banning CM Punk from the GCW locker room.

Joey Janela declared in a tweet on April 29 that CM Punk would not be permitted to enter the GCW locker room until he had seen all of the Rocky movies. Punk has recently been the subject of several jokes, admitting in a recent Instagram story that he has never seen any of the Rocky films.

Janela humorously doubled down on his previous comments in a new interview with Nick Hausman, saying that he will have security and posters produced in case Punk does try to appear.

“He hasn’t gotten back to me, I sent him a message on Instagram, I don’t know if he’s seen it. But, I’m 100%… at the upcoming shows, especially the Chicago dates, I will have security enforcement there. I have posters getting made right now to post in the locker room [that say] if you see this face, if you see this guy with the Pepsi tattoo on his arm, don’t let him in the door and if he gets in, get him the fuck out. I don’t play some bullshit, you gotta be some kind of special person to not see the fucking Rocky movies, okay? [laughs] You need to watch them for the motivation of your life’s existence.”

Joey Janela via Haus Of Wrestling

‘The Bad Boy’ went on to say that his exile is not driven by his friendship with Jon Moxley. Instead, Janela emphasized over again how ludicrous it is for someone to not have seen the Rocky movies.

“No, I just can’t believe somebody hasn’t watched the Rocky movies. It’s a shame, he’s a multi-millionaire, former many time world champion. He can’t spend two days watching every Rocky movie? He needs to have proof. I have a friend who owns a movie theater in Chicago, I will work out a deal where he has to watch every Rocky movie, including the Creed movies and the sixth Rocky movie that nobody remembers. [The Creed movies] are the best ones, he’s gotta watch them all in a row. That’s the only way he can come into the GCW locker room. I know he’s been doing the tours, he went to the WWE locker room and the IMPACT locker room. But you’re not gonna be able to get past anyone, you’re not gonna be able to talk to Yoya in the corner and say ‘I love your work Yoya’ because I will have you escorted off the premises. Sorry Punk, you can’t come in dude.”

Joey Janela via Haus Of Wrestling

Janela has previously stated that he would work with Punk if he merely saw the Rocky movies.

On Friday, June 23, Game Changer Wrestling will return to Chicago.

Punk hasn’t wrestled since the All Out pay-per-view in 2022, when he was injured and got into a backstage fight with The Elite (Young Bucks and Kenny Omega). BodySlam recently revealed that Punk’s return to the company is in the works, with the former AEW World Champion expected to be a key star on the long-rumored Saturday night show from AEW.

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