Jake Roberts’ Ex-Wife Confirms Reconciliation

The ex-wife of WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts Cheryl Roberts has announced on her Facebook account that the two have reconciled. The news has brought joy to many fans who have been following the wrestling legend’s life for years.

Cheryl shared a heartfelt message about love, pain, addiction, and forgiveness. She acknowledged that addiction had been a tough fight for Jake, which had caused damage to their marriage and family relationships.

However, she also expressed gratitude for the last two years in which Jake had been showing her love without the demons of addiction. She added that they had made peace with their past hurt and pain and had learned to forgive and trust each other again.

Love was about joy, love was about pain. Love was about giving in and then knowing when to walk away🖤
Jake’s toughest fight were addictions. Addiction comes to destroy marriage & family relationships. So, after 24 years of Jake & I being apart, he has rekindled our relationship and in the last two years he has been showing me love without the demons. ❤️ Making peace with past hurt and pain. Learning to forgive and trust again.

Addiction doesn’t have to win. With this said, I pray for marriages & families that are being affected by addiction.🙏🏻 #jakethesnakeddt

Cheryl Roberts

Many fans were surprised and delighted by the news of the couple’s reconciliation. Before their separation, Cheryl had appeared on WWE programming in 1988 as part of Jake Roberts’ feud with Ravishing Rick Rude. Their relationship had been turbulent, with Jake battling various addictions, which led to their separation.

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