WWE Superstar Lacey Evans Uses Phone Cord to Lock Baby Into Stroller She Found On the Side of the Road

Of the headlines we’ve written this year, including ones about Disco Inferno, Ronda Rousey, Eric Bischoff and more, we never thought this would be one of them.

Like, this has to be a bit right?

WWE Superstar who, presumably, makes more money than most of us, recently posted to Twitter that she, and we quote, “Found a free stroller on the side of the road. Carseat [SIC] don’t [SIC] fit, but I have an old phone cord so it actually does fit after all.”

Then, she encouraged the Twitter-verse to “follower [her] for more tricks.”

Then, she added a coffee emoji for some reason.

Now, it’s entirely possible that Evans is posting this as part of her ‘gimmick.’ The gimmick being, well, we’re not quire certain.

Last week, while making her entrance on Smackdown, she acted as though she were going to high-five a special needs child, only to fake him out and keep walking. Again, perhaps this was part of her gimmick but one would assume that heels can get over without playing with the emotions of special needs children.

Twitter obliterated her for that move and it’s quite possible that she’s just leaning into her ‘heel persona’ for the benefit of the IWC.

We really, really hope that’s the case.

Reactions to her to her post have been varied, with some praising her ingenuity while others questioned her parenting skills. Some even absolutely crossed the line by commenting on her baby. This is something we absolutely condemn. The baby didn’t ask to be used as storyline fodder and commenting on it just to dunk on Evans is not okay.

In all likelihood, Evans is using her Twitter to further her heel persona. Because nothing says ‘Heel’ like ‘Potential Child Endangerment.’

In December of last year, Evans found herself in hot water after sharing a video of a conspiracy theory that attempted to link ADHD and autism to the consumption of processed foods. When the internet reacted to that, Evans doubled down on the post.

“I watched a video on the impact of processed food is having on our children and I shared the video. y’all are insane,” the WWE star tweeted.

She later deleted both posts.