Victoria Was Surprised By Trish Stratus’ Kiss With Pamela Anderson

Canada’s Walk of Fame is a national recognition program that celebrates the achievements of Canadian artists, athletes, and cultural figures. The 2006 annual ceremony remained witness to a wild moment that pop culture and wrestling fans cherish up until this day.

On June 3rd, 2006, WWE Superstar Trish Stratus and Canadian-American actress Pamela Anderson shared a kiss in front of the live audience at Canada’s Walk of Fame ceremony. The moment was captured on video and has since become known as the “smooch heard ’round the world.”

In an interview with Up & Coming Magazine, 2-time WWE Women’s Champion Victoria commented on Trish Stratus’ kiss with Pamela Anderson. The Diva Of the Decade had refused to perform a kissing spot with Victoria, despite the latter being open to the idea.

“She never wanted to do a kiss spot with me, and then we saw the footage, and we were like, “What the heck? You’ll kiss Pam Anderson and not us? We’re family!” But it is Pam Anderson,” 


Trish Stratus and Victoria had a long-running rivalry in WWE that began in 2002 when Stratus regained the Women’s Championship by defeating Molly Holly. This feud was one of the greatest women’s rivalries of all time, and was built around a fictional backstory that WWE had expressed interest in both Trish and Victoria as glamour models.

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