Eric Bischoff Thinks ‘Ye Has Balls’

Eric Bischoff is no stranger to controversy. In fact, he believes it creates cash. While that certainly may be the case in professional wrestling, it’s unknown if that extends to ‘the outside world.’

Somebody else who seems to always be shrouded in controversy is Kanye West.

West has had a…tumultuous week this past week. And by ‘tumultuous,’ we mean he’s offended multiple minorities and has further proven himself to be sort of a terrible human being.

Take, for instance, the fact that he wore a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt at the Paris Fashion Show and again at his daughter’s basketball game.

“West turned up to the “secret” runway presentation for his ninth Yeezy collection in a long-sleeve T-shirt; printed on the back were the words “white lives matter” – which the Anti-Defamation considers a hate slogan, used by the KKK, the Aryan Renaissance Society and other white supremacist groups,” The Guardian wrote.

West, who now goes by ‘Ye,’ also appeared on conservative news host Tucker Carlson’s show, explaining that he thought the shirt ‘was funny.’

“I thought the shirt was a funny shirt, I thought the idea of me wearing it was funny,” West told Carlson.

Ye then said that he put ‘White Lives Matter’ on the shirt “because they do. It’s the obvious thing.”

The phrase was born in response to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ slogan that was created in the aftermath of extreme police brutality in various parts of the country. Vulture reports that the ‘White Lives Matter’ slogan “has been described by the Anti-Defamation League as a white supremacist hate slogan.

It is consistently used by the KKK, the Aryan Renaissance Society, and other white supremacist groups.

Not content simply offending the black community, West also took aim at the Jewish population, first on Instagram and then, when that platform restricted his account, Twitter as well.

On Instagram, Ye posted screenshots of a conversation that he seemingly had with Diddy, in which he wrote “Ima use you as an example to show the Jewish people that told you to call me that no one can threaten or influence me. I told you this was war.”

It’s unclear if that message or a different one was what caused Instagram, via Meta, to restrict Ye’s account but afterwards he took to Twitter to express his perceived antisemitism to a new audience.

“I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3      On JEWISH PEOPLE     The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti Semitic  because black people are actually Jew also    You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda,” Ye wrote in a now deleted Tweet.

Ye’s posts led to much discourse, and MJF tackled the issue head-on in a series of tweets of his own, which would also seemingly be deleted.

MJF’s tweet drew some criticism from others for his inclusion of the topic of slavery, but his intentions seemed to be in the right place, even if he didn’t phrase his point exactly how he meant it.

Another wrestling personality who seemed to tweet his thoughts on Ye’s behavior was Eric Bischoff. His own tweet was short and to the point and leaves itself open to much interpretation.

To be fair, Bischoff did tweet that yesterday, before Ye’s rant on Jewish people, but it was after Ye wore the ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt.

Balls, maybe. Integrity? Compassion? Self-awareness? Eh, maybe not.