Matt Cardona Offers Promo Class To GCW SuperStars Like Vince McMahon Used To Do

Let Matt Cardona be your promo teacher.

Matt Cardona is one of the hottest acts on the independent scene right now and he’s a veteran of the game. He’s been through it all, from OVW, to WWE and even into Vince McMahon’s promo classes. During Sunday’s GCW ‘Aura’ event, Matt Cardona took on Jordan Oliver in a singles match. But, before the match began, Cardona cut one hell of a promo, running down fans, talking about what he’s thankful for, running down Nick Gage and even describing Jordan Oliver as a completely different person until he was corrected, in which he responded with “then who the f-ck is Jordan Oliver?!” Epic promo from Cardona, and he agrees. Cardona took to Twitter to post the promo in full and offered to help the GCW SuperStars with promo class just like Vince McMahon used to do.

There have been many stories of Vince McMahon often holding promo classes back in the day to help those who weren’t so good on the mic to get better and it seems like Cardona just wants to help out the GCW locker room in the same way!

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