Jungle Boy: I Feel Done With Luchasaurus

The final nail in the coffin has been made.

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus seemingly put their rivalry to bed at Full Gear. On the post show media scrum, Jungle Boy was asked if he thinks this is it with him and Luchasaurus and he said yes, even though he’d still like to get one over on Christian at some point, but he won’t wait on him.

I think at the moment, there’s kinda some finality. I know Christian still has some time before his arm is fully healed, I definitely am gonna have to beat him. So, whenever that comes around, I’ll be ready for that. But at the same time, I’m not really gonna wait for this guy to get back. I don’t know how long that’s gonna be, so it’s gonna be kind of exciting to see now what this looks like. I feel done with Luchasaurus, we kinda put a close on that chapter. So, this really is my first time sorta without him in any capacity kinda just seeing what it looks like by myself. 

– Jungle Boy

Now, Jungle Boy has been set free to be on his own, lets see where he can take it.

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