Raquel Rodriguez Believes Its Time For A Secondary Women’s Title In WWE

Raquel Rodriguez believes that its time for WWE to have a midcard title for the women’s division.

AEW have currently got two championships similarly to how WWE have on the main roster. However, with WWE having two brands full of talent, the titles are both recognized as the Women’s World Titles of WWE. However, the difference is while the TBS title is currently held by Jade Cargill, it it is still considered a secondary championship to the Women’s world title currently held by Thunder Rosa.

In a new interview with NBC Sports Boston, Raquel Rodriguez discussed the possibility of a secondary women’s title being introduced in WWE.

“A hundred percent. I think that would be something so great for the women’s division, especially because we have so much diversity in the women’s division. We have women from all over the world, from all over the country, from different backgrounds, different ethnicities. I think having an Intercontinental Championship, having a North American Championship for the women would be something, you know, a huge leap forward for the women’s division and wrestling in general. I personally do feel like that is something that is possible and is something that could possibly be happening in the near future. So I’m looking forward to that and possibly making new history.”

Raquel Rodriguez to NBC Sports Boston

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