Andrade El Idolo Denies Being In Contact With Triple H, Wants More Out Of AEW Run

Andrade wants more from this current run in AEW.

Andrade’s run in AEW has been a stop start affair. Rarely having anything meaningful to work with, Andrade remains one of the best workers in the promotion. Andrade is currently set to face Dark Order’s 10 on AEW Rampage this week and if he loses, he will leave AEW.

Speaking with Mas Lucha in a sit-down interview in Mexico City, Mexico, he discussed how he feels in AEW right now as well as briefly discussing his old boss, Triple H.

I was in WWE and I had a big contract and they offered me an even better contract but I rejected it because I wanted to continue growing, you know? That’s why I chose to go to AEW, but right now I feel a little stagnant and I want more. I feel like I am going through what I was going through in WWE right now. Although I have a great contract and the schedule is good too because the WWE schedule is unimaginable. People believe that you only wrestle once a week, but you wrestle non-televised matches in other cities and countries. Right now, it’s difficult because I want more in AEW, especially now that RUSH came in. Since he joined, I was like I want more. There is lots of stuff happening, including people saying I want to go back to Triple H, but I don’t want to speak too much about that.”

“He gave me an opportunity and helped me a lot in NXT and I spoke to him when I requested my release. We are on good terms and he always mentioned that I can keep in contact with him. I cannot say that I have contacted him recently, but it is difficult due to legalities. And if he wanted to speak to me, my wife works there, so he can always reach out to me from there too. It is difficult at the same time because Ashley (Charlotte Flair) has time off due to personal reasons and she will specify them in future interviews. It was very heavy because she worked on Thursdays to work on Weekends while I traveled on Tuesdays and returned on Thursdays as soon as she was scheduled to leave. Right now we are good because I get to see her more, I hope she comes back soon. With AEW, I don’t know what will happen on Friday.

Andrade El Idolo

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