AEW And DAZN Have Discussed Possible Partnership

Is DAZN All Elite?

AEW currently airs on TNT for Rampage and TBS for Dynamite in the United States. But, in the UK, AEW currently airs on ITV, which AEW has expressed their happiness with. Yet, AEW still had talks with DAZN about a possible partnership according to Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics which could take place globally. DAZN is the home of many combat sports from MMA to Boxing, where they’ve recently partnered with KSI and MF Boxing to run the “X Series” events. But, could AEW possibly be the newest partner?

AEW and DAZN have been discussing possibly being media partners. DAZN and AEW talked about potentially having a media deal in the United Kingdom; that has not come to fruition. I believe AEW and DAZN will continue to discuss various possibilities on how they could become media partners in other regions, maybe globally. DAZN is a  platform that primarily distributes (in the United States) boxing and combat sports. It’s a $20 a month service in the United States. I don’t know how many subscribers they have- they are not a publicly traded company. Their headquarters is in London. They are primarily to us in the US a boxing streaming service bit thru have all sorts of sports rights all over the world. They are a global streaming service that’s available in all countries throughout the world. They have soccer rights, they have globally the LIV Golf rights, they have all different sports throughout all different regions.  In a few regions I believe they have UFC rights. They used to have WWE rights in Japan. I don’t know if they currently do but they used to have WWE rights in Germany, so alot of different rights. Maybe AEW will make a deal with DAZN at some point in the future on some sort of geographical location. Maybe this is eventually the home of Ring of Honor TV? Maybe Rampage- I’ve speculated [previously] that Rampage would be well suited to be a streaming exclusive show whilst Dynamite remains a traditional TV show. Maybe in the next round after the current deal has with WBD expires. Maybe DAZN is a home for that? $20 a month is a pretty high price point . For the wrestling fan I could see there being a lot of pushback if Ring of Honor was a weekly show on DAZN and you had to pay $20 a month to watch it, or if Rampage was a US exclusive on DAZN there would be some kicking and screaming about that. Maybe there’s some other deal that could happen; maybe AEW ends up working with DAZN or some sort of international deal in the future. About UK rights- AEW is still working, obviously, with ITV.  UK fans will know very well that Dynamite and Rampage air on ITV on Tuesdays and Fridays. They’ve been bumped up to an earlier, better time slot lately. Tony Khan was tweeting about this earlier this week as well. I’m assured that AEW is very happy with ITV as their TV partner in the United Kingdom.

Brandon Thurston via Thursday 30

Credit to Adam Yeary of BodySlam’s All Elite Weekly for the transcription

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