STARDOM 5STAR Grand Prix Day 18 Results (9/22/22): KAIRI Announced As Final Participant In IWGP Championship Tournament

STARDOM continued its 5STAR Grand Prix on Friday, this time live from Korakuen Hall for Day 18.

You can read the full results for the show below.

  • Blue Stars Block: Suzu Suzuki (10) def. Hanan (0)
  • KAIRI announced herself as the final competitor in the International Bracket for the IWGP Women’s Championship
  • Blue Stars Block: Natsupoi (12) def. Saya Iida (4)
  • Red Stars Block: SAKI (10) def. Momo Kohgo (2)
  • Red Stars Block: Koguma (12) def. AZM (14)
  • Red Stars Block: Saki Kashima (10) def. Risa Sera (13)
  • Blue Stars Block: Starlight Kid (12) def. MIRAI (13)
  • Blue Stars Block: Mina Shirakawa (8) def. Saya Kamitani (13)
  • Blue Stars Block: Momo Watanabe (8) def. Giulia (13)
  • Blue Stars Block: Mayu Iwatani (13) def. Hazuki (14)
  • Red Stars Block: Syuri (14) def. Tam Nakano (14)

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