Jon Moxley On If The Hiroshi Tanahashi Match Lived Up To His Expectations

Jon Moxley went to war with Hiroshi Tanahashi at AEW x NJPW’s Forbidden Door, where he defeated the legend himself.

Moxley has been very vocal about wanting this match and now he got it on one of the biggest stages, in the main event and with a world championship on the line. At the post-show media scrum for Forbidden Door, Moxley was asked if the match lived up to his expectations. He said it was awesome, and went into detail about how he was feeling.

Oh man, just a freaking pleasure man, like, to share the ring with, you know, one of the absolute greatest in Tanahashi, I mean like, sounds real, like, a generic answer but just like, what a pleasure just, like, it’s hard to really put in to words too […] to answer your question, like, f-k yeah what a feeling to just be out there like, with Tanahashi, like you know, there was a lot of f-king pressure and I tried to be like “ah, it’s all good” like you know, I’m pretty good at handling that kind of thing now, cause I’ve kinda been there, done that and my confidence is such right now, feeling pretty f-king untouchable right now, like everything just seems to be all coming together, all right at the right time, I mean like, you gotta replace, you know, a big hometown guy in his hometown, you know, that’s, people came to see your hometown guy and you’re not the hometown guy and you gotta go in there against maybe the greatest of all time, you know, one of the greatest of all time and be in the main event of like, this amazing show and you gotta follow all these top of the line, like, what a tough spot to be in, you know, and my dumb ass out there like “really? I’m in this f-king spot?” Like, I don’t, you know, I’m not all that strong or all that fast and I can’t do flips and bullshit but I try really hard you know, that’s what I did tonight. Yeah, It was awesome man, I’m just f-king feeling pretty good man.

– Jon Moxley via AEW Media Scrum

If you use any of the transcription, please H/T and credit Tony Khan’s Media Scrum.

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