Daniel Cormier Believes Valentina Shevchenko Was Saved From Defeat By A Clash Of Heads At UFC 275

During the five-round championship fight at UFC 275 between Valentina Shevchenko and Talia Santos, a accidental clash of heads busted up the face and swelled up the eye of the challenger Talia Santos. On the UFC 275 Post Show, UFC Hall Of Famer and commentator for the bout; Daniel Cormier, believes Valentina Shevchenko was saved from defeat with the help of the head clash. He had this to say:

(It was a) accidental clash of heads that ultimately, to me, really did determine how this fight was going to play out, there is no reason for me to believe that anything was going to be different because every round Santos was able to do the same thing – get the takedown. … But in Round 4 and Round 5, Valentina showed her championship mettle. She showed that desire to retain that belt because she went forward, she threw caution to the wind, and she really did put it on Taila Santos.

– Daniel Cormier via UFC 275 Post Show

Ultimately the judges scored it in favor for Valentina Shevchenko to retain her championship, and no warning or point was taken for the head-clash. So, do you agree with Daniel Cormier? Or do you believe Valentina was on her way to victory regardless of the accidental clash of heads?

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