Sasha Banks And Naomi Are Not Being Pitched In Creative Meetings

Banks and Naomi continue to be treated like they didn’t exist by the WWE.

The former women’s tag team champions have been pretty much erased from the books at this time. Their merch has been removed from WWE shop, they have been indefinitely suspended and their Facebook profiles have been deleted. Now, it appears that Naomi and Banks’ names aren’t even being mentioned in creative meetings.

Ringside News was told that Banks and Naomi’s names are not being pitched at all in creative meetings. There was no official mandate handed down about them, but “it is pretty obvious to everyone that they are gone.”

Ringside News Report on Naomi and Sasha

What do you make of WWE’s erasure of the former stars? It appears they are gone for good from the roster, but that does not mean they can wrestle for other companies if their contracts are frozen. Time will tell how this story develops.

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