Khabib Nurmagomedov Open to Coaching on The Ultimate Fighter Against Tony Ferguson

Khabib Nurmagomedov is open to the idea of coaching on The Ultimate Fighter against rival Tony Ferguson.

The former Lightweight champion who retired undefeated after defending his belt successfully against Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 tweeted the following after Ferguson challenged him to a future season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Ferguson was a guest on Submission Radio following his KO loss to Michael Chandler at UFC 274.

“Maybe one day. You know what I would like to do? I’d love to coach against him on The Ultimate Fighter,” Ferguson said. “That’s what I would really love to do. Abso-f**king-lutly. And if we don’t fight, I would love to be able to compete on him with whatever. Wrestleball. Like, in basketball, soccer. You put your best team together, I got my team. Any kind of sport.

You can pick it, Khabib. We’ll go out there and we’ll kick your ass out of due respect. Enjoy your retirement. And I like what he’s doing for the sport. He opened up his own promotion. Got props for him like that. And when he lost his pops, you know, respect for him for that. But yeah, at the end of the day, his dad said that he would love for us to compete.

So, regardless if that’s MMA or any sport, chess, checkers, fucking cars, it doesn’t matter. I have enough respect or enough cool to not go over there and kick his ass, but enough to be able to shake the man’s hand and sit down at a game table and to play a game like that. That’s man shit.“

The curse of Nurmagomedov vs Ferguson is real, injuries, bad weight cuts and more has prevented these two from doing battle, both men have been booked to fight 5 times but have never gotten the opportunity to step into the octagon and finally do business.

A season of TUF with both men would be big, but if they weren’t able to do it, the idea of them doing business for future plans within Nurmagomedov’s promotion Eagle FC would be interesting and we’ll keep you updated if we receive more news on this.

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