IMPACT & Free Agency

WWE and their massive releases have changed the landscape of wrestling right now. There are a lot of interesting names that are free to sign with any promotion that are great workers. IMPACT and their signings of free agents have been odd.

IMPACT has signed a lot of wrestlers from the WWE releases and this has changed the booking of IMPACT and not for the better. The booking of IMPACT sometimes feels like the old TNA booking with booking former WWE wrestlers to win championships in their debuts, like IInspiration (FKA IIconics).

IMPACT have also failed to sign any of the major free agents out there, with most of them choosing AEW over them. IMPACT needs to attract the better free agents out there to get more eyes on their product.

While Johnny Gargano is most likely going to AEW, they should really go all out for him. Gargano joining IMPACT would help them get more eyes to their product and get even more buzz around them. But again, AEW are in pole position to sign him.

IMPACT needs to find a way to attract major free agents, or they could be following the steps of ROH and that’s not good. The market will get competitive, with NJPW starting to be interested in some free agents, like we saw with Jonah Rock recently.

At the end of day, IMPACT is in a weird position as a promotion with free agents. The booking of some of these free agents has been bad, like with Matt Cardona for example, who is fun as hell in GCW but bland on IMPACT.