What’s Next for Johnny Gargano?

The future of Johnny Gargano is up in the air, with his contract situation with WWE not solved and fans starting to wonder if Gargano is heading to AEW or the indies. Gargano is soon going to become the hottest free agent on the market.

Gargano and a few other wrestlers remain as the last remanentes of the Super Indie NXT and as more releases happen, the more wrestlers like him don’t fit NXT’s new philosophy. Gargano going to AEW or NJPW would be the right next move for him. Any promotion that signs him will get a major upgrade on their roster, there’s always space for someone as talented as him.

While Gargano is one of the best wrestlers in the US, there’s a lot of criticisms towards him and NXT’s in-house style. He was at one point the biggest exponent of the Melodramatic style NXT offers and his later HBK tribute parts of his act are things he needs to change or he’s doomed to get the same criticisms he has had on NXT these last few years. Gargano is not a bad wrestler, and some bad faith arguments have been made about him, especially about looking at his hands and wondering why is he is so violent, and while it’s a very funny meme it has also damaged Gargano’s perception with some fans.

The heart grows founder with absence, and Gargano taking a break for a while will help him a lot with fans whatever he does next or goes to. An indie run could help Gargano too, with GCW especially could use him big time and gain even more attention for the hottest indie promotion in the US.

There’s also the option of Gargano staying in WWE and going to the main roster- That would be the wrong decision, especially with the lack of job security WWE offers and the booking in the main roster doesn’t bring confidence with someone like Gargano that does not have the look Vince McMahon is looking for. The again, WWE has been Gargano’s dream and maybe he’ll stay to have that WrestleMania moment a lot fo wrestlers dream of when they are growing up.