NXT UK (05/11/2021) – Recap and Results

A Video Package for the night’s main event for the NXT UK Women’s Championship Match as Meiko defends against Jinny. Andy Sheppard kicks off the show in front of a small live crowd before Nigel McGuiness leads into the opening match;

Flash Morgan Webster vs Rampage Brown

Flash has put on some size as of late but is easily over powered by Ramapage Brown, who dominated Flash from the start, tossing him clear across the ring with a Beell toss, Flash hits back using his speed. The match takes a turn for the worse for Flash after Rampage catches Flash mid air and sent him crashing to mat with a powerslam, Rampage easily lifted Flash up for a gorilla press slam followed up with big back suplex. Flash is able to reverse a doctor bomb attempt as he uses his quickness and agility to evade Rampage and finally mount some sustained offence, a Hurricanrana from the top turn buckle sent Rampage to outside. Flash is able to hit a suicide dive into a tornado DDT on a second attempt as he tries to get Brown counted out, Rampage managed to beat the count Flash hits a swanton bomb to the back of Rampage, however Rampage is able to kick out the pin attempt. As flash picks up speed coming off the ropes Rampage turned him inside out with clothesline following it up with doctor bomb picking up the win by pin fall.

Rampage Brown defeated Flash Morgan Webster by Pinfall

Bate is talking with the Camera man regarding his loss last week, when Seven comes up apologising to Bate for costing him the match and lets him know that he has got them entered into next weeks No. 1 contenders match for the tag team titles.

Xia Brookside comes to Sid Scala’s office looking to see if she could face the winner of tonight’s main event title match, when Scala tells Brookside that due to her recent win loss record she’s not really in contention. Brookside then begins to act like spoiled brat before calling her father Robbie Brookside, to complain about Scala’s decision.

Angel Hayze vs Isla Dawn

Hayze is able to avoid Dawn early on showing some great evasion tactics but gets caught mid air by Dawn who slams her down lifting her back up and throwing her overhead with a fall away slam, following up with a back suplex. As Dawn began to dominate Hayze the referee disqualifies Dawn for not letting go of Hayze’s hair, following the match Dawn continues to assault Hayze seemingly not caring that she lost the match.

Angel Hayze defeated Isla Dawn by DQ

Backstage Sam Gradwell in watching a Spanish video package for A-Kid before commentating that he doesn’t see anything special about him.

Stevie Turner interrupts Flash Morgan Webster as he is talking with with his Sub Culture stable mates about his match with Rampage, Turner lets them all know that she is levels above all of them especially Dani Luna, Luna lets her know that it would only take 3 seconds to beat her.

Ilja Dragunov delivers a promo in the ring regarding his recent matches with Walter and defending his title against A-Kid saying he needs next level competitors to challenge him for his championship to take him to another level, Rampage Brown interrupts and challenges him for the championship. Dragunov accepts his challenge telling Rampage that he respects him and goes to shake Rampage’s hand but Rampage laid Dragunov out with stiff punch telling him he did not need his respect he just needed his championship standing over Dragunov with the title raised above his head.

As Jinny and Meiko are getting ready to make their entrances backstage, Blair Davenport lets both of them know she does not care who wins the main event match she is putting both of them on notice.

Teoman is at the Family table with Rohan Raja as they discuss their upcoming match with Gallus’ members Wolfgang and Mark Coffey. When Raja asks Teoman about Joe Coffey, Teoman tells him not to worry turning over a glass for someone else to sit at the table and says the eye is always watching.

Nathan Frazer is in the break room watching footage of Mark Andrews matches, when Mark Andrews walks in, Frazer politely asks for match to test him self against Andrews, which Andrews agrees to as Frazer goes off to see Jonny Saint to get the match arranged.

NXT UK Women’s Championship Match

Jinny with Joseph Connors vs Meiko Satomura with Emilia McKenzie

Jinny seemed to have the advantage in the early lock ups but Meiko had the striking advantage trying to knot up Jinny’s thigh with low leg kicks before moving into wrist control but Jinny is able reverse it gaining wrist control of her own and started to work over Meiko’s arm. The two competitors trade holds both show off some fantastic wrestling ability, Meiko starts looking for the kicks once again but Jinny suckered her in catching a kick and hitting a dragon screw leg whip. Jinny’s control does not last long as Meiko is able to fight her way back in the match but neither Jinny or Meiko can truly maintain offence for long periods. They trade submission attempts as Jinny goes for single leg crab and Meiko applies an STF but both are able to escape. Just as Jinny looks to be on top, Meiko unleashes with strikes, Meiko goes to middle rope but Jinny is able to cut her off before hitting a draping X factor, Meiko kicked out the pin attempt, Jinny once again locked in the Single Leg crab, Meiko was able to make it the ropes. Jinny goes to try a finish Meiko off with her rolling Liger kick, Meiko was able to avoid it before going to the top rope to hit a frog splash, Jinny was able to kick out the pin attempt Meiko locked Jinny in a STF, Jinny crawled to the rope forcing Meiko to release the hold.Meiko looked to be setting up the Scorpion rising axe kick but is distracted by Joseph Connors on the ring apron however he is taken out by a cutter from Emilia McKenzie, the distraction is enough for Jinny to strike with the rolling liger kick, Meiko is able to kick out the pin attempt.Jinny looks to lift Meiko from the ground but is caught by a pele kick from Meiko who follows up with a death valley bomb, Jinny is able to kick out the pin, Meiko follows it up with Scorpion rising axe kick and another death valley bomb finally putting Jinny down for the pin fall.

Meiko Staomura defeated Jinny by pin fall

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