NXT UK Not Shutting Down Despite Dissolving UK Holdings

WWE has been trimming the budget of the company and changing the face of all its brands.NXT is one brand that has seen a dramatic change in a short amount of time. It now looks like NXT UK will be changing but not in the way that fans may have thought.

The company is said to be dissolving their WWE UK Holdings LTD on September 7th. That Holdings group was established in July 2019. Despite this move in the UK, NXT UK Director Jim Smallwood assured fans through an Instagram comment that the brand is not closing its doors.

“I mean as I’m the creative director of NXT UK I can categorically tell you it’s not shutting down. WWE UK Holdings (which I presume you’re referring to) is nothing to do with NXT UK.”

Giving all the changes going on in the company we will have to see if any more effects are felt by the recent budget cuts.