WrestleMania Delivered!

WrestleMania 37 is in the books and overall it was a good show. Very easy to watch despite being a 2-night show. The overall in-ring action was enjoyable with a few exceptions here and there.

WWE has found with the 2-nights concept the ability to book a better spectacle for viewers at home and the audience attending the PPV. It will be interesting to see if WWE will keep this format for next year’s WrestleMania in Dallas.

Awesome Main Events

The main events of Night 1 (Banks vs. Belair) and Night 2 (Reigns vs. Edge vs. Bryan) didn’t disappoint and delivered big time.

Banks vs. Belair was an historic match for the sport of pro-wrestling in so many ways. This match was amazing and probably one of the best main events in WrestleMania history. This match was the coronation of Belair as a major player for the women’s division on the main roster. This was the best match of the PPV.

Reigns vs. Edge vs. Bryan was as good as expected and with Reigns looking dominate. The only negative on this match would be Jey Uso’s interference for the finish.

Solid Mid Card Matches

The Mid card matched for Mania were solid matches and never overstayed their welcome. Easily any match could’ve been 5 minutes longer, but either way they helped the show big time.

Cesaro vs. Rollins was the best mid card match of the two nights. Both men had great chemistry and the right man won in Cesaro. Hopefully this means for a big push for Cesaro soon, but you never know with WWE.

Other matches like Owens vs. Zayn , AJ & Omos vs. The New Day and Riddle vs. Sheamus were really good and fun to watch.

Bad Bunny Rules

Bad Bunny was one of the highlights of WrestleMania. Bad Bunny had the chance to live the WrestleMania dream most of us had when we were kids. Bad Bunny is clearly a big fan of pro-wrestling.

Miz and Morrison did a great job helping Bad Bunny shine and look great during the match. The best part of this match has to be the Canadian destroyer Bad Bunny did.

Major props to all involved. Hopefully Ryan Satin’s baber was happy about this match.

The Disappointing and Terrible

While WrestleMania was a good show, but it was not perfect and it had some low points.

The Fiend vs. Randy Orton was really bad, to say the least. From the return of the awful red light to Alexa Bliss doing something creepy that distracted The Fiend and helped Orton get the win. Terrible stuff all around.

The women’s tag team turmoil match had a lot of low points during most of it’s run, but at the end it got better. Night 2 ‘s tag team bout was a bit better than this but a very skippable match.

Strowman vs. Shane was just a boring match and it didn’t help that the build for this matches was awful and about Braun fighting for the honor of all the peopled called stupid.

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley was a good match, but it felt to me they never went to that next gear and something didn’t click at the end. The good news is that Rhea Ripley finally had her big WrestleMania moment, let’s just hope they have something for her because she lost a lot of momentum after the Charlotte match from last year’s Mania and has yet to recover from that.