Kurt Angle Discusses Why We Never Saw A New Team Angle

When Kurt Angle made his return to the WWE in 2017, fans wondered about the possibilities of what could happen with him. Then when American Alpha burst onto the main roster, many people saw a natural fit between the trio. Fans buzzed about the idea of them being a new Team Angle.

As we know, that didn’t happen. Angle revealed he had an illegitimate son which turned out to be Jason Jordan. Chad Gable had been left by the wayside, and fans wondered why they chose that route over anything. Angle talked about this on a Q&A up on AdFreeShows.com and he discussed if there were plans to form a Team Angle with American Alpha.

“I brought it up and they kind of let it go by the wayside. I kept reminding them and I think they would have eventually done it. I think I would have managed both Gable and Jordan but Jordan ended up getting injured.”

“When he got injured, I think the idea fell apart through the table and there was no other, you know, other wrestler (to fill the spot). Just managing one wrestler wouldn’t be a team, so you have to manage at least two wrestlers to make it a team. Since Jason got injured, I think that fell by the wayside and it wasn’t going to happen. I wish it would have, though.”

Jordan’s injury ruined a potential American Alpha reunion, and though it left Chad Gable floating around for a while, Gable has finally started to carve a niche for himself on SmackDown.

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