News On Alleged Backstage Heat On Bray Wyatt

Sometimes a rumor can spread like wildfire. It gets to so many people that it’s often believed to be true before the rumor can be debunked. Ringside News has now reported on one that needs to be debunked due to the nature of it.

There is a rumor out there stemming from a report that WWE had held Bray Wyatt off of television for an extended period of time in 2019 as a punishment. This was prior to his return as The Fiend, with the report stating the punishment was due to his personal issues. The report stated “his divorce was very, very public and WWE was dragged into the proceedings to disclose Wyatt’s earnings.” Now the website has debunked this rumor and report as false. Ringside News asked around about the report to see if there was any truth to the story, and it seems it’s all made up.

The site spoke with a tenured writer in the company that has very close knowledge of the situation and they not only got a response but the writer requested they post their response in full.

“Stories like that are clickbait. They are especially troubling because there are people who actually believe the fake news and even more troubling because search engines pick up and then the false information is spread worldwide. They don’t just drive traffic. They affect the lives of performers’ families and one of these writers will end up being sued, if not the websites that repeat these un-sourced or fake-sourced claims.”

Not all rumors directly affect the personal lives of the people involved, but this one seemed to be not only quite personal but damaging to a lot of people. There was no heat on Wyatt at all due to his personal life and Wyatt managed to return in 2019 to create a whole new persona that has changed his trajectory in the company in big ways.

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