Indie Wrestler Pinkie Sanchez Calls Out Promotion For Link To Failed Joey Ryan Charity Show

Monday saw the internet wrestling community come together to condemn a show that had a lot of sketchy things all around it. Not only did the show that was allegedly for women’s charity feature a charity that is run by a controversial Christian evangelical minister that has been accused of using money from their charities to fund their expensive lifestyle, but the poster featured Joey Ryan, named in several cases of inappropriate behavior toward women during the Speaking Out movement. During the course of the news coming out about the show, it was revealed talent had been texted as far back as January about the show from Ryan directly, leaving people to wonder who knew what and for how long. Eventually, the show was canceled as people put all the pieces together, and the account that announced the show deleted.

In addition to all of that, the account selling tickets belonged to Bar Wrestling, Ryan’s promotion that folded in the wake of all of his allegations. As it all came out, journalist David Bixenspan revealed he had heard a rumor that Joey Ryan was going to work with a promoter to help book a show that would help “normalize” booking him again with little to no details outside of that. Now, it seems independent wrestler Pinkie Sanchez may have figured it out and delivered the receipts to prove it.

Early this morning, Sanchez called out independent promotion Violence x Suffering to set the record straight about their relationship with Joey Ryan. An account known as @Pastor_Bills replied to Sanchez’s remark saying the company has no relationship with Ryan, but they had been asked to help talk to 4 separate people to appear on the charity show. The account claims all involved were told who was booked on the event and said this was an act of pettiness on Sanchez’s part. Following this, Sanchez began dropping screenshots from text messages and Facebook linking VxS promoter Orlando Fernandez to having contact with Joey Ryan.

The first screenshot has Fernandez explaining to Sanchez the reason behind his lawsuits against several of his accusers is not because he wants money, but to acknowledge on the record he didn’t sexually assault them.

When a fan called out Sanchez as being someone who may have called the police and forced VxS to change venues for a show, Sanchez again provided screenshots revealing an acknowledgement he wasn’t the one who called the police, but also dropped a hint that a show would be revealed in the “next couple days” that would upset Sanchez. Sanchez has been a vocal critic of Ryan online, and it seems like he’s teasing it’s the Ryan charity show.

While Fernandez hasn’t issued a statement, nor has VxS released one explaining the nature of their relationship with Ryan, Sanchez has clearly linked the disgraced former Impact Wrestling star to the promoter and the promoter’s possible involvement in helping put together this now canceled charity show. More importantly, this all correlates with the rumor Bixenspan revealed on Twitter.

We will have more on this story as it updates.

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