Leaked Text Message Reveals Joey Ryan Had Reached Out To Talent About Canceled Show Months In Advance

A controversial independent wrestling show for charity was both announced today and canceled within hours when it was revealed that Joey Ryan was involved. First it showed Ryan was booked on the show, but a deeper dive into the promotion of the event revealed Ryan’s Bar Wrestling was involved in the promotion.

Eventually the show was announced to be canceled and the account that had promoted the event deleted almost as fast as it arrived. The account claimed all talent involved had not been misled about anything involving the show despite the claims of one wrestler who had been booked on the show. Now a leaked text thanks to a promoter shows that some people knew of Ryan’s involvement as far back as January.

@VPofPepperoni, involved with Pizza Party Pro Wrestling, tweeted out the screenshot of a text where a wrestler who had seemed to have Ryan’s number received a text asking if the anonymous person was accepting bookings and would be interested in working for the show in question. Ryan’s text says he was allegedly asked to help them reach out to talent, but all things considered, this would have been Ryan just using his own contacts to book the show.

Many people have called Ryan out for staging this whole event, knowing that he could use it for the benefit of his court case. With people knowingly not wanting Ryan involved in the show and the outrage fans would cause, he could cite “cancel culture” as being the reason the show was shut down, preventing a charity from getting money in donations. However, some had even pointed out a show with that many big names would struggle to make overhead for charity to begin with.

The story continues to unfold, with many people outraged over Ryan’s behavior, and as more and more details leak, this story becomes a bigger and bigger mess.

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