The Godfather On What He Wished He Had During His Time As Papa Shango

Charles Wright had a great run with the WWE, playing three different characters for the company. Whether it was Kama Mustafa “The Supreme Fighting Machine”, The Godfather, or Papa Shango, Wright’s characters have had lasting impact with the fans.

He was a recent guest on the Scheduled For Two Falls podcast, where he had a chance to talk about the Papa Shango gimmick. He revealed that he wishes he was a more seasoned veteran when he was given the gimmick, feeling he could have done more with the character if he had more knowledge at the time.

“I wish, looking back, I wish I was not so green in the business because I could probably have been better at being Papa Shango like Kamala was at being Kamala. I probably could have been a better Papa Shango but dude, I had no idea what I was stepping into. Going from a country tobacco chewing, country music listening, old truck driving, biker to a voodoo man. It was a stretch!”

Wright was only about three years into his career at the time he played Papa Shango, and even if his returns usually involve him in the Godfather persona, you can never rule out seeing Papa Shango for a night with the way the WWE works. And this time, he has more experience in how to play the character.

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