Impact Wrestling 9/29/20 Recap and Results

Impact as usual opens with a recap package for last weeks shows and the current stories going on. It’s not been said enough, Impact really know how to put together a video package. Time and again they knock it out of the park and this week was no different. Nothing gets you ready for a week of Impact on AXS TV better.

Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary vs. Havok and Nevaeh

I love Rosemary, she starts this one off squaring up to Havok and the facial expressions are at another level. Taya and Nevaeh kick things off but it doesn’t last long before the two dark damsels Havok and Rosemary are tagged in. Decent action here but nothing groundbreaking, that being said I’m not the biggest fan of some of the women in the ring. That’s not to say they’re not good at their job, just personal investment. Taya ends up being the woman in peril but when Rosemary gets back in she’s on fire. Huge crossbody from the top and a double spear from Rosemary and Taya on Havok. Nevaeh in and Taya is legal. Big knee from Taya and the Road to Valhalla to Nevaeh to finish this one up with the 1…2…3.

Not quite the match I’d have opened things up with but okay nonetheless and obviously serves to continue the Undead Wedding storyline. Can’t complain too much.

Winner – Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

Post match Tasha Steelz and Keira Hogan beat down Rosemary and Taya. Dang, these girls have got too many thorns in their sides. There’s no way this wedding is going down without a hitch…no way. Steelz and Hogan leave happy at their dirty work.

Backstage the Good Brothers are backstage telling road stories to some security guys and everyone is hyucking it up. It wasn’t that funny, was it? I guess so. IMPACT Tag Team Champions MCMG enter the fray and the two teams have words. Shelley and Anderson get into it about their time in Japan and Shelley puts Anderson in his place. As the Guns leave Anderson shouts after them “Nice finish, can’t wait to kick out of it!” and once again the laughter erupts. Y’know…that was pretty funny.

Another Eric Young Bound For Glory promo. Man these are so psychological and cryptic. I bet there’s some stuff in here I should be noticing but I’m just blown away. Good stuff.

Backstage Knockouts Champ Deonna Purrazzo is with Kimber Lee and is interviewed by Gia Miller backstage. She says that being loved by the locker room and friends with everyone won’t matter for Kylie Rae because at Bound For Glory when she defends her Knockouts Championship she’s going to do to Kylie like she’s done to all the rest. Break her arm. Miller says that she might not even be Knockouts Champion by the time Bound For Glory comes around because this coming Saturday at Victory Road she has to defend her title against Susie. Deonna and Kimber are not impressed, Kimber Lee steps in and tells Miller that this conversation is over. Fantastic stuff as always from these two, love it. Susie vs. Deonna? Hmmm…I think I see something demonic in my crystal ball coming at Victory Road.

Madison Rayne and Josh Matthews run down what’s going to happen this coming Saturday on the IMPACT Plus app at Victory Road as well as the rest of the card for tonight.

Kaleb with a K is in the ring to drop some premium content on us. He introduces Tenille Dashwood. This act is so over with me, hopefully Kaleb gets to mix it up in the ring sometime soon too. 

Tenille Dashwood vs. Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace spends the beginning of this one exerting her dominance and brute force over Dashwood. As things progress though Dashwood takes control with a neckbreaker over the ropes and starts to pick things up. Tenille Dashwood grinds down on Grace and every opportunity Grace has to come back Dashwood cuts it off and rubs it in her face. Really good match from these two women, great wrestling action. Grace picks up the pace again and inflicts some hard hitting strikes to Dashwood in the corner. Another attempt at the Grace Driver is countered by Dashwood and Dashwood takes the advantage again by playing dirty. Grace distracted by Kaleb with a K on the apron and Dashwood tries to steal the win with a quick roll-up but Grace counters and locks in a rear naked choke. Dashwood taps out. That’s how it’s done, brilliant action.

Winner – Jordynne Grace

Moose is backstage looking for EC3 again. He finds out he has a locker room and bursts in laying his hands on a random employee dressed as EC3. EC3 appears again and announces to Moose that he has failed in regaining the championship and is going to set it on FIRE. Oooh cool. Next week on AXS TV he’s going to be having a funeral for the TNA Championship and he urges Moose to show up and say goodbye, he might regret it forever otherwise.

Heartfelt video package with Rich Swann rehabbing his injury and seeing his doctor. The doctor tells him he’s good to go, Rich is ready for Bound For Glory.

Backstage Heath and Rhino are celebrating the success of last weeks #Heath4IMPACT infomercial. I have to admit, it was a doozy, if you’ve not seen it then please go and check it out. Heath says he’s heard a rumour that Impact management want to speak to him and everyone loved it. He pulls the money he got from Hernandez from his pocket and says he used his credit cards to pay for the video instead. Obviously this brings back Reno Scum and Hernandez who do a number on the pair and take the cash. Dangit! Come on lads, this needs to end soon.

Rhino tracks down a flustered and frustrated Scott D’amore and tells him he’s got problems. D’Amore flips out and asks Rhino what he’s going to do to him, punch him in the face? Can you imagine? BLAP! Rhino fills him in on what went down and asks D’Amore to let him and Heath help him solve some of the problems. D’Amore says Heath doesn’t work here but he likes his moxie and if he’ll sign a waiver Rhino and Heath have Reno Scum at Victory Road in an Unsanctioned Match. Dang, that should be a certified ass beating. Yes please.

The Rascalz (Dez and Wentz) vs. The Good Brothers

What a match, both of these teams really doing what they do best. Loved getting to see the Big LG getting to come in and use some of the size and power on guys who can sell it like the Rascalz. The Rascalz as always are a complete joy to watch. This has been a really fun pairing for a match, I’d love to see this any day of the week. If I had any complaints it’d be that I’d like to have seen it go longer. The Good Brothers pick up the win with the Magic Killer. Dang.

Winners – The Good Brothers

No respect shown to the Rascalz after the match which is just rude. The Good Brothers get on the mic and tell the MCMG that they are the next targets of the Good Brothers in Impact Wrestling. There is a target on the Motor City Machine Gun’s back and they’re going to put a hole right through that target for the IMPACT Tag Team Championships at Bound For Glory. Now that’s a match.

Brian Myers and Tommy Dreamer face off backstage like old west cowboys. Myers asks Dreamer if he remembers what he told him, the next time he saw him in these halls he better walk the other way. They stare down and Myers goes for a punch but Tommy counters and chokes Myers. Myers tells Tommy to be a professional and he backs off telling Myers he’ll be professional Saturday at Victory Road. A very interesting matchup for Victory Road here, time to see if Brian Myers can hang with the Hardcore Icon.

Tenille and Kaleb with a K are walking backstage and Tenille wants to fix the Jordynne Grace problem. Speak of the devil, there’s Jordynne. Kaleb gets in her face and says that Tenille is going to put her in her place this Saturday at Victory Road. Jordynne accepts and Dashwood is not happy, she said fix, not another match! Either way it’s bound to be a cracker.

Johnny Swinger vs. Fallah Bahh – Winner is John E. Bravo’s Best Man

Fun comedy bout with the Swing Man constantly failing to overcome the sheer size and power of Fallah no matter how hard he tries. Eventually he’s had enough and uses Crazzy Steve’s monkey to hit Fallah over the head and steal the win. John E is not happy though and says this is why ref Brandon Tolle will never be a senior official, he hit him with the MONKEY! Tolle restarts the match and Fallah picks up the win with a huge Banzai Drop.

Winner and John E. Bravo’s Best Man – Fallah Bahh 

Backstage X Division Champion Rohit Raju cuts a promo with Gia Miller. He says what happened last week was the result of the hardest worker becoming the smartest worker and that all things should revolve around him. He says at Victory Road he’s going to debut the Defeat Rohit Challenge. TJP interrupts and says he wants the opportunity at Victory Road but Rohit says he’s already had his shot.

Swinger continues to pester Bravo about being best man but he says he doesn’t care. The reason he reversed the decision was because of the “piss poor” officiating. Fallah is the best man and that’s that.

Eddie Edwards comes to the ring and is looking to find out who attacked him last week. At first he thinks it was Eric Young but then Sami Callihan shows up. Eddie says that he’s going to kick his ass but Callihan pleads innocence. He presses the button on his phone and the lights go down. When they go up Ken Shamrock is in the ring and beats Edwards down as Callihan calls him on, Shamrock locks on the ankle lock and leaves Edwards lying. Well…I don’t know why but there we go, was rooting for some other potential attackers but this should still lead to interesting things.

Eric Young mocks Eddie Edwards backstage and hypes their match at Victory Road.

Kylie Rae and Susie talk about Susie’s match for the Knockouts Championship at Victory Road. Kylie says she wouldn’t be mad if Susie won at all and that she’d love to wrestler her best friend at Bound For Glory. She gives Susie some kickpads as a good luck gift ahead of Victory Road. Kylie tells Susie her time has come and leaves but this seems to trigger the Su Yung inside her…her time has come. Spooky.

The North vs. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

What an absolute war of a match from these two teams, they absolutely killed it. How could they not with this combination of talent. Josh Alexander ends up with his mouth busted open from this showdown as the two take everything that Ace Austin and Madman Fulton have and then give it right back. In the end The North pick up the hard fought victory and keep themselves in contention in the tag division.

 Winners – The North

Post match The Good Brothers hit the ring and face off against The North but are jumped by Austin and Fulton. The two teams beat down the Good Brothers but here come MCMG to make the save. All four teams brawl to end the show. Cracking stuff from the tag team division tonight, so looking forward to seeing how this works out by BFG.

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