How AEW And WWE Are Implementing Testing Procedures For COVID-19

The pandemic has changed everything regarding live events for both WWE and AEW. The lack of fans has hurt the business, but the safety of both the talents and the crew is paramount. Both WWE and AEW have implemented their own procedures for ensuring it a COVID safe enviroment.

At the beginning of the pandemic, neither WWE or AEW did actual tests, but relied on temperature checks and questions over the staff’s well-being. It was AEW who first started doing tests, and WWE followed this after a few of their staff tested positive.

Wrestling Inc has put out a report with full details on how both companies are testing going forward. Both companies approach this differently, but every talent that appears on the show has been tested, which is a great thing.

AEW starts their process by sending its talent to a site away from the arena. They get blood prick tests and have to wait ten minutes for a result. Once the result comes back clear, they are given a wrist band and are taken to Daily’s Place, which is the sit of the Dynamite TV events. If the talent does not show up with a wrist band, then they’re unable to enter the arena until they have done so.

WWE do things differently, and the day before any event, the staff attend a parking garage in their cars where they take nasal swabs. They are then told to return home whilst they wait for the results of the test. Once the test comes back clear, the staff are able to attend for the following show. It also enables WWE to write up the show without any unnecessary changes.

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